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Bocce Club (3/1/2019)

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  • Linda and Don McPherson


Valentine’s DayTourney winners – front row: Cindi Clemence, Linda McPherson, Barbara Newton, Jean Reed & Geoffrey Newton; back row: Jim Tosio, Malcolm Wing & Don McPherson

The Valentine’s Day Tournament scheduled for February 16 had to be postponed because of rain to February 23, when a full complement of 24 players competed. Winning teams were: Cindi Clemence, Geoffrey Newton, Jim Tosio & Malcolm Wing; Don McPherson, Linda McPherso, Barbara Newton & Jean Reed; Jeff Clemence, Gil Gilbert, Sherry Magers & Susan Wurtzel.

The St. Patrick’s Day Tournament will be played at 1 pm tomorrow, Saturday, March 16. Tournament play is limited to 24 participants, so be sure to get to the courts in time to reserve a place for the chip draw for teams and courts at 12:45. Next up is the Tax Time Tournament at 1:00 PM on Saturday, April 13.


Registration is now open at for the May 31-June 1 Wine Country Games Bocce Competition at the Julliard Park Bocce courts, South A Street, Santa Rosa. Club members are now signing up in four-person Oakmont teams and as alternates on the bulletin board at the West Rec. Bocce courts.


Oakmont Bocce Club play continues during winter hours, Monday through Saturday at 1 PM at the West Rec. Bocce courts, with the chip draw for teams and courts at 12:45. Bocce players, experienced or new to the game are always welcomed during Club Play. Bocce is a very social game and members are enthusiastic about sharing its joys with prospective new players. No equipment is necessary and no advance notice is required – just come to the West Rec. courts on play days and we’ll gladly show you the game and have you playing immediately.


Bev Schilpp has resigned as Secretary but will continue to serve on the Board in her other important role as “Sunshine Person.” Malcolm Wing has assumed the post of Secretary. Membership and Dues forms are available at the courts and in the Bocce Club folder at OVA.

Valentine’s Day Tourney winners: Gil Gilbert, Jeff Clemence. Susan Wurtzel & Sherry Magers



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