Organized Bocce play is slowly returning around the country and the Bay Area under Covid-19 restrictions, but remains stifled in Oakmont and Sonoma County. Sonoma remains the only “Purple” (widespread virus) county in the Bay Area on the State’s risk level map.

The Bocce Shed remains closed by OVA, and Santa Rosa Mayor Tom Schwedhelm issued a social media video on November 12 emphasizing that gatherings of any size for sports games or tournaments are not permitted. Under the County Health Order, members of the same household may continue to play using their own equipment.

Determined players continue to compete in self-arranged games on the Oakmont Courts under the Club’s reopening restrictions. A maximum of 8 persons may play, a maximum of 4 persons on each side court with the center court left vacant at all times.

All players are reminded that they are required to observe the posted Rules of Play. Masks covering both nose and mouth and social distancing of six feet minimum are required on the court and in the court area.
No Club equipment may be used. Except within family units, personal equipment may not be shared. Players must identify and touch only their individual balls marked via tape, stickers, etc. and pallinos can only be touched by one person from each side during play.

Players are expected to bring hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes. One person shall be designated to score and that person will wipe down the scoreboard and pegs with sanitizer or wipes at the end of play. Individuals may not come to the courts if they have any illness symptoms; individuals play at their own risk. Persons wishing seating should bring their own chairs.

Julie and Jack Linder recently enjoyed singles games and a beautiful fall day
at the Oakmont Bocce Courts.


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Today we remember the day that shocked and shook the world with a painful look back. This is also a time to look ahead at how to mitigate lingering negative responses. Living in constant concern, anxiety and fear robs the good from each day. Deep breathing and reading comics may be ways to cope. Talking to a positive person might be another. And still a third: exercise.

Classes in October and November

OTLC is in the process of revamping the technology classroom at the CAC. A new high-resolution projector is being installed. Fourteen old computer desks have