The winning teams in the VALENTINES TOURNAMENT were: Jane O’Toole, Margartya Sarram, Chris Duda, Ellean Huff, Jean Reed, Peggy Sanchez, Pam Gilbert and Phil Duda. Gil Gilbert, Kathy Camp, Cindi Clemence and Frank Giannina were the final winners.

St. Patrick’s Day Tournament-March 12, 1: 00-Bocce Courts
Tax Time Tournament-April 9, 1:00-Bocce Courts

Please remember to be prompt or better yet early. We had several people who got there before 1, buts the chips were all gone. Those who did play all said they had a lot of fun!!


West Rec Center Re-Opening

We have exciting, long-awaited news regarding the West Rec Center!  All construction related to the water damage has been completed, we have passed our inspections,

Sheep Herding Dog FOUND

She has been FOUND! Thank you to everyone who submitted tips and information to help locate the lost Border Collie, your efforts are all greatly

Memorial Day 2022

As this month ends, the solemn observance of Memorial Day lets us honor the people who have died while serving our country. Whatever else may

Inside Oakmont 5-24-2022

Free Test Kits On Tuesday, May 31, COVID-19 test kits will be distributed at the Berger Center from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Please register