Bocce Tournament News (4/1/2019)

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  • Linda and Don McPherson
St. Patrick’s Day Tournament winners – first row: Jane O’Toole, Cindi Clemence, Barbara Newton, Ellie Baciocco; second row: Barbara Lowell, Bev Schilpp, Don McPherson; third row: Bob Baciocco, Malcolm Wing.

Bocce Club tournament play is now in full swing. A full slate of players turned out on a sunny, spectacular spring day for the St. Patrick’s Day Tournament on March 16. Winning teams (pictured) were: Ellie Baciocco, Cindi Clemence, Don McPherson & Barbara Newton; Bob Baciocco, Barbara Lowell, Jane O’Toole, Bev Schilpp & Malcolm Wing; Jeff Clemence, Barbara James, Linda McPherson & Betty Van Voorhis.

The Tax Time Tourney will be played on Saturday, April 13 at 1:00 p.m. Tournament play is limited to 24 participants, so be sure to get to the courts in time to reserve a place for the chip draw for teams and courts at 12:45.


Club members are now signing up on the bulletin board at the West Rec. Bocce courts in four-person Oakmont teams and as alternates to play in the May 31-June 1 Wine Country Games. There is also a place to sign up if you’re looking for a team to play on. Registration for the Wine Country Games is now open at Each team must designate its team name and Capo and can have up to two alternates. The Bocce competition is held at the Julliard Park Bocce courts, home of the Sonoma County Bocce Club, on South A Street in Santa Rosa.


St. Patrick’s Day Tournament winners: Jeff Clemence, Barbara James, Betty Van Voorhis & Linda McPherson; back row: Bob Baciocco.

With the coming of warm sunny days, interested new players are joining Monday – Saturday play at 1:00 PM at the West Rec. bocce courts and the Bocce Club continues to grow. Membership and Dues forms ($15 per calendar year) and Club name badge order forms are available at the courts and in the Bocce Club folder at OVA. Ordered badges will be available after the first week of each month in the name badge basket in the Club Shed. Club play changes to 9:30 AM Monday-Saturday on May 1 and the morning start time continues through October 31. View the Oakmont Bocce Club webpage (OVA login required) at:



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