Boomers 6-15-2019

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By Carolita Carr

Looking Back 

The Boomers Club will be taking a break in July, but let’s look back at the highlights of the past few months. We started the year with our Mardi Gras party with Pure Energy, one of the best DJ experiences we know of. If you wanted to sit out a dance, you could watch the great videos! In March, we enjoyed pizza and a playlist of sock hop tunes. This event was free to members. April brought the unforgettable Fleetwood Mask concert. What a night that was, and it was free as well! Boomer members have come to expect these great “freebies.” (If you’re not yet a member, join today. Go to our folder in the OVA office.) In May, we danced to the tunes of the 7th Sons, one of our favorite bands. June was for celebrating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock with the Captain Paisley Band. We hope you had as much fun as we did at all these events.

Looking Ahead (Save the dates)

But let’s not stop there. The second half of the year will be even better. 

On August 17, we will bring back Decades, a band that plays tunes across the decades. Entry fee will be $15 per person.

September 19, we are back in concert mode with “Rocket Man Meets Piano Man,” the  music of Elton John and Billy Joel. The charge is $20.00 per person. 

October 19, we present the Great Pumpkin Caper with the Beatles tribute band, the SunKings. Due to the popularity of this group, tickets will be $25 per person. 

November 21, we will screen the film “In Search of Greatness.”  

Finishing up the year, December 12, we are hosting our annual Holiday Party, free to members.

So, Boomers, enjoy the summer, and we’ll see you on August 17!