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By Carolita Carr

Welcome to new Treasurer
If you attended the Holiday party last month, then you know Boomers has a new Treasurer. Virginia Fuentes was voted in by the Board and has graciously accepted the position. Our new treasurer and board member was born and raised in San Francisco, and lived in the Skyhawk region of Santa Rosa before moving to the Orchard within Oakmont in 2013. She has recently retired after a long career with Brinks, where she served as an Accounting Manager and finally as a manager in Human Resources.
Virginia and her husband, Juan, have been members of Boomers since 2014 and have always enjoyed the bands and dances. She is an avid cook and shares her culinary efforts with family (She has three sisters living in Oakmont!) and friends. Juan helps out by regularly making the rounds and doing deliveries to those fortunate enough to be included in her generosity. He is also a volunteer with Boomers and regularly helps decorate for our events.
As a recent retiree, Virginia, has yet to join other clubs within Oakmont, but she looks forward to exploring the possibilities.
The entire Boomer Board is looking forward to working with Virginia, and welcomes her to our group.

Calendar for 2022
Add these dates to your calendars:
February 25- “Life in the Fast Lane” an Eagles tribute band
March 17- Trivia Night, back by popular demand
April 23- The 7th Sons, one of our favorites
June 18- The Back Pages, 60s Rock and Roll
August 27- Mania, a Beatles tribute band
October 29- Neon Playboys, funk and soul
December 15- Holiday Party

It’s time for most of our members to renew. Membership has many benefits. You receive emails, giving you advance notice to sign up for events; you are allowed to bring one non-member to most of our events, and you can attend our annual “members only” holiday party where the food and frivolity are free! For any questions regarding membership, go to Renewal is easy and can be done by visiting our website, For those who have joined us recently, you will renew a year from when you joined.


We are the world

Star Power WE ARE THE WORLD We are the world, We are the children, We are the ones who make a brighter day . .


In the three bowls sports – lawn bowls, bocce, and pétanque — the lawn bowls “jack” is by far the largest target ball and the bocce “pallino” is the next largest while the pétanque target ball is by far the smallest, just 1.14 – 1.22” in diameter. But as an article in All About Pétanque points out, although it may be diminutive in size the pétanque target ball has the richest vocabulary of names.

New Big Sir

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Captions for Hard of Hearing

As announced earlier, HEARS has restarted and we are anxious to get together to discuss how to support our mission: “Help Oakmont Residents cope with

New Year’s Promise

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