Submitted by Terry Leuthner – President, 538-9177

Oakmont Lanes Bowling Club is a Bowling League consisting of four-person teams that utilize Nintendo Wii to simulate the experience of bowling without the weight of a bowling ball. Any resident who has the ability of holding a small remote control in their hand while swinging their arm as if they were rolling a bowling ball will be able to join.

Anyone interested in joining our Club, either as a team bowler or substitute, please call Terry at 538-9177 or stop by the East Recreation Center on Tuesdays from 1:30-4:30pm to see us in action. See for Club information and schedules to bring cookies and to setup/teardown equipment.

BOWLING DATES FOR MAR: Mar 29 (week #4 of Winter League).
BOWLING DATES FOR APR: Apr 5, 12 and 19. No bowling Apr 26 (Fourth Tuesday).

RESULTS AS OF MAR 8 (Second Week Winter League).

1:30pm League: first place, Pocket Hits; second place, 4 Tops; third place, Wii Four; fourth place, Alley Oops; fifth place, Strikers; sixth place, Phantom Strikers.

Men’s High Games: Don Shelhart 279; Charlie Ensley 258; Frank Schepergerdes 212.

Women’s High Games: Joanne Abrams 300; Robin Schudel 258; Diane Price 234;
Elisabeth LaPointe 204.

3:15pm League: first place, Wii Power; second place, High Rollers; third place, Strike Outs; fourth place, Strikes & Spares; fifth place, Pin Pushers; sixth place, King Pins.

Men’s High Games: Ray Haverson 247; Scott Harris 235; Terry Leuthner 213; Frank Schepergerdes 204.

Women’s High Games: Sandy Osheroff 268; Valerie Hulsey 254; Barbara Koch 247;
Vickie Jackanich 247; Joanne Abrams 245; Judy Lawrence 210; Elisabeth LaPointe 203.

Our website has team schedules to remind team captains when it’s their week
to bring cookies and either help setup or tear down equipment. A total of 48
cookies per team seems to be the magic number.