California Clean Money Campaign in Oakmont

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Oakmont Progressives Club

Fight to Limit Influence of Big Money in California Politics

Every issue we care about in California—the environment, health care, education, housing, food safety, worker rights, civil rights, fair taxes, or anything else—is affected by ballot measures on which billionaires and other Big Money special interests spend hundreds of millions to buy the results they want. They frequently blitz the public with TV and newspaper ads, flyers and texts full of misleading claims and lies. These ads often, if they listed sponsors, have used names designed to mislead the public.

Since 2001 the California Clean Money Campaign, the state’s leading election reform group, has worked to reduce this unfair influence by shedding light on the true identity of funders. David Schmidt, longtime activist and volunteer coordinator for CCMC in San Francisco and the North Bay, will speak at the Oakmont Progressives Club monthly meeting Monday, March 14th, 6:30/social half hour, 7 PM/main event, East Rec Center.

In 2017, the California Clean Money Campaign sponsored the nation-leading California DISCLOSE Act, which mandates clear disclosure of the top three actual contributors on ads for propositions, and candidate ads paid for by independent (of the candidate) expenditures. 

This year CCMC is following up on that victory by sponsoring the Ballot DISCLOSE Act, AB 1416, to require that the people and organizations signing the pro and con arguments for propositions in the state ballot booklet also be shown on the ballots, so voters will know the leading opponents and proponents when they vote—since so many voters don’t read the ballot booklet, or don’t recall the opponents/proponents when they actually vote. AB 1416 passed the State Assembly on Jan. 31 and is currently in the State Senate.

CCMC’s long-term goal is “Clean Money” public campaign financing so that candidates for state office, including the legislature, can run viable campaigns without taking any large contributions from anyone.  State and national legislators report that they must spend half of their time fundraising to be able to serve the public. Learn more at .

CCMC depends on volunteers to lobby for bi-partisan campaign finance and election reform, to educate the public on these issues, and to fund this work statewide. Learn how you can participate in to an effort critical to our evolving democracy.

David Schmidt is a recently retired writer/editor for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  He has been a CCMC volunteer since 2005.  David is also an environmental historian who is an expert on the San Francisco Bay Area’s environmental history, and plans to publish a book on the subject in 2024. He has represented CCMC in the North Bay Area since 2010.  He lives in San Francisco.

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