Calling All Healthcare Professionals – New Executive Order Aimed at COVID-19 Surge

Last Updated: 03-31-20

As California looks for ways to fight COVID-19, a new major initiative is encouraging health care professionals with active licenses to join the California Health Corps (CHC). Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the executive order today to expand the health care workforce and staff at least an additional 50,000 hospital beds that may be needed to fight the COVID-19 surge.

The order is aimed at recruiting professionals with an active license, including public health professionals, medical retirees, medical and nursing students, or members of medical disaster response teams in California. Those able to join can sign up at A media release from the Governor’s office said, “Medical doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, behavioral health scientists, pharmacists, EMTs, medical and administrative assistants, as well as certified nursing assistants are encouraged to step up and meet this moment to help California respond to the outbreak.”

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