Can the Democratic Party Be Saved?

The Oakmont Progressives and Oakmont Democratic Club are proud to host nationally known journalist, media critic, author and activist Norman Solomon on Monday, May 13, 7:00 pm at the newly renovated East Rec Center. Norman has authored a dozen books on politics and the media over the last three decades. He has appeared on national news programs, including the PBS NewsHour, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, and Democracy Now.

You may know there is an escalating battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. The battle pits the Democratic Establishment (closely allied with big corporations and the war business) against insurgent forces led by Bernie Sanders, Justice Democrats, Democratic Socialists of America, and numerous grassroots groups dedicated to making the Democratic Party represent the people.

Norman is part of the resurgent progressive movement that elected Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and other new Democratic Congressional stars. He has been instrumental in organizing successfully to elect progressives to the California Democratic governing assembly. He was a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the 2016 Democratic Convention. In October 2017, Norman and other progressive researchers published “Autopsy: The Democratic Party in Crisis,” which probed the causes of the disastrous 2016 election defeat. The report came in the wake of the party leadership’s failure to do its own autopsy of the defeat whose consequences we feel every day.

Norman will tell us about the problems in the Democratic Party, progress that has been made since 2016, current challenges, and what still needs to be done to remake the Democratic Party so that it can lead our country out of its deep crisis.

Norman will also tell us why Bernie Sanders is the person to complete the revolution that he exploded onto the national scene in 2016. It’s not too late, nor too early, to enlist in his grassroots revolution — the only hope for defeating the mega-banks, giant corporations, and proliferating billionaires.

Join us on Monday, May 13, 2019. Doors open at the East Recreation Center at 6:30 PM for social time; the program begins at 7PM. Everyone welcome. To help us plan and to get a printed name badge, please register at Questions? Please call Vince Taylor at (707) 583-9490 or Ed Biglin at (925) 202-9439.

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Oakmont Progressives is an educational and social club inspired by the vision of Bernie Sanders. We seek a government that works for the people instead of banks, corporations and billionaires. For more information see “How Progressives and Democrats Differ.”



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