Candidates Forum Coming February 21

The 2018 OVA board election Candidates Forum is set for February 21 at 6p.m. in the
Berger Center. All the candidates will take the stage to introduce themselves to the
community and answer questions. The Forum will also be videotaped and available
online at the OVA website.

The OVA nominating committee will be presenting the candidates names to the general
manager on February 1st. The board will then formally accept the nominations at it’s
Feb. 6th meeting.

There is still time for anyone who wants to run for the board, and have their information
in the Oakmont News, by contacting the nominations committee at by January 31. There are 5 positions available and
currently 4 people are running.

Candidates photos, biographies and answers to a set of questions will be printed in the
Feb. 15 and March 1 editions of the Oakmont News and posted online at

Road-stripes for the Forum:
* There will be an opening statement by Pat Amadeo, the Forum Facilitator, on the rules
of the road for the candidates and audience
* Each candidate draws a number for placement on the dais
* Each candidate is given 2 minutes for an opening statement
* Each candidate is given 1 minute to answer every question
* Questions will be asked of all candidates
* No questions will be given to candidates beforehand
* Questions will be rotated to ensure every candidate answers first and last at some
* Questions will be asked by moderator, none taken from the audience to assure the
ability of the moderator to ask as many questions submitted in writing beforehand by
* Every candidate will have 30 seconds for a summary statement at the end
* After the Q&A, candidates and guests will be able to casually mingle over