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  • Randi Hulce

It’s a Wrap!

We have no Club activities or meetings scheduled for the rest of the year. The last event of 2018 was the Canine Club Picnic, a huge success with over half the membership attending. Thanks to Peri Olinger and Karen Palmiotti for making it happen! Coming soon will be details about our first member event for 2019.

What’s Happening With The Dog Park?

Thank you to all who signed and collected signatures for our petition of support for an Oakmont Dog Park at a reasonable cost. Petitions were due back by November 30th and we want to thank everyone who remembered to return theirs.

The Adhoc Committee is still busy gathering information for a new option to present at the December or January board meeting. Once some details have been clarified with the city, they will be submitting to the BOD a new proposal for a new location and a new, greatly reduced, budget. The new location should have no impact on the Community Garden, will not require any expensive site preparation for runoff diversion, and will not be visible from Stone Bridge Road; so should mitigate concerns raised about negative impact on open space views. More details will be coming soon after the committee has completed their research and completed the new streamlined budget.

Not a member yet? Time to renew for 2019 and a great time to join.

Membership forms are always available in the Canine Club folder in the OVA office or download from our website You may join for 2019 anytime in December and immediately start getting news, and updates about club events, plus access to all information on our web site. CURRENT MEMBERS – Dues for 2019 are due by December 31st; still only $12 for an individual membership, $20 for a household membership. You may leave your checks, and application for new members, in the Canine Club folder in the OVA office. WOOF!


Canine Club 1-1-20

by Randi Hulce Happy 2020 the Year of the Dog Park! They Are Waiting Patiently For Their Dog Park- andthings are really moving along. Design

Canine Club 12-15-2019

by Randi Hulce Get Out Your New 2020 Calendar and Save the Dates January 29th – First club meeting for the New Year – East