Cannabis Club 7-1-2019

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Edine Davis; Strictly Topical; Sweet Relief

Didi Davis is co-founder of Sweet Releaf cannabis topicals for pain management. Created of necessity for a family member in chronic pain for life, the product line has grown from its inception in 2015 into a well-known and widely used brand by patients across CA. Prior to launching the business, Didi worked for 13 years as a professional educator, healthcare consultant and workforce training manager for Kaiser Permanente developing curriculum and training trainers to deliver internal programs to all levels of healthcare workers in hospitals, clinics, and business offices throughout Northern CA. For prior sixteen years, she managed client relationships and recruited technical specialists in a wide variety of computer jobs, including management, with Advanced Computer Careers in Nashville, TN. Didi is a Pennsylvania State University graduate with a BA in English and a Minor in Education.

Presentation Proposal: The purpose of the presentation is to answer the question How Do Cannabis Topicals Work to Relieve Pain for Seniors? Topics covered include a scientific explanation of how the body absorbs cannabis through the skin and why it effectively blocks pain, the best uses of this non-psychoactive form of cannabis delivery, what types of chronically painful conditions it helps, and who benefits the most from localized pain relief.

Topic Sentence: Learn the science and benefits of cannabis pain therapy delivered through the skin.

Description of content: Presentation divided into four content sections:

1. The Science: brief description of how our endocannabinoid system interacts with cannabis when applied to the skin and how it differs from other forms of delivery

2. More Science: explanation of dermal receptor sites, pain blocking action on nerves at receptor sites and how reducing inflammation helps immediately and in the long run

3. Examination of common chronic conditions that respond to topical pain therapy including personal testimonials from patients

4. Benefits of cannabis topical therapy for different populations especially seniors, athletes, active lifestyle adults and veterans

Use standard PC laptop for ppt presentation



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