TIME:        2:00 PM
  Didi Davis will be our speaker she is co-founder of Sweet Releaf cannabis topicals for pain management. Created of necessity for a family member in chronic pain for life, the product line has grown from its inception in 2015 into a well-known and widely used brand by patients across CA. 
   The purpose of the presentation is to answer the question How Do Cannabis Topicals Work to Relieve Pain for Seniors? Topics covered include­­ a scientific explanation of how the body absorbs cannabis through the skin and why it effectively blocks pain, the best uses of this non-psychoactive form of cannabis delivery, what types of chronically painful conditions it helps, and who benefits the most from localized pain relief.
SAVE THE DATE:   September, 2nd Monday…

Our speaker will then be Jewel Mathieson is a founding member of Sonoma Patient Group, the longest permitted cannabis dispensary in Sonoma County. She is a breast cancer survivor, with degrees in Psychology and Education from Sonoma State University. SPG will be registering Oakmont cannabis club members for a Free Delivery Service to Oakmont on Wednesdays.
The featured speaker will be Dr. Marilyn Hulter. Dr. Hulter is a Harvard trained, board certified, anesthesiologist with forty years of practice. She served on the UCSF faculty in anesthesia for five years. She was on the Marin General Hospital staff for 11 years, Medical Director of an ambulatory surgery center, and following that spent 10 years of office based anesthesia. In her ninth year of medical cannabis consulting, she has consulted with 15,000+ patients.