Cannabis Retailer Pulls Oakmont Application

  • Jackie Ryan

A cannabis retail business that had its sights set on opening a business in Oakmont has withdrawn its application to the City of Santa Rosa.

Kevin Hubred, OVA manager, said he was notified of Herbal Holistics Inc.’s decision to pull out of its proposal to open the store in a 1,492 square foot section of a building at 6575 Oakmont Drive, where the OVA formerly had offices.

“This is a big win for Oakmont,” said Hubred upon notification by city planners. The applicant’s withdrawal followed a swift and strong Oakmont opposition campaign that sparked “hundreds of emails,” according to city planners. A formal board vote in May further signaled the community’s objections, followed by a 900-signature petition in June.

Patrick Streeter, senior city planner, said he did not know the reason for the Herbal Holistics’ withdrawal but noted “substantial opposition” to the project. He said the city is not currently taking new applications for any locations, but the process, when reopened, would start over for any applicants.

The application for the Oakmont dispensary was one of at least 38 that had been received by the city as of early June when a two-week window was opened for applicants.