Car Safety: The End of Fender Benders?

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Wednesday, Jan 12 4:00 on Zoom

Don’t you wish that driving a car would be totally safe – for you and the other driver on the road?
Most new cars already have rear cameras – handy for not backing into someone and front cameras so you don’t drive over a curb. Side view mirrors can now alert you to blind spots so you can safely pass or change lanes.

In the not too distant future adaptive cruise control and advanced driver-assistance systems will be able to slow down your car when the car in front of you slows down, analyze your facial features to alert you if your looking sleepy and even park your car in a parallel parking spot for you (in case you didn’t ever master that skill.)

Most seniors don’t want to give up the freedom of being able to drive their cars but finding a way to keep you and others safe has been a challenge. Learn about these new features and share your own experiences of avoiding that close call with features on your car.

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