4-24-2019 East Rec Progress

Just in time renovation is what I call this job now.

The 2 photos below shows parts of wire and metal that were part of the main electrical panel that just decided to pop off last week. Of course, all electricity went down inmediately after a loud popping sound.

The good news is we were already planning to replace the main electrical panel for the East Rec.

Certainly with this information, no one can say OVA rushed into this renovation project before it was necessary. And for those who thought we should wait a few more years until construction slows down, this event among others should make everyone more confident it was more than time to get the upgrades at East Rec done.

The cable railing being installed below is now completed as part of the new trex and steel deck…no wood, nothing to burn or rot.

This type of cable railing least interferes with the great surrounding views.

The bridge to the pool that we talked about repairing and bringing up to code last week has revealed new issues. One of the three main girders is rotted. Last week I talked about how we were replacing the old railing and bridge deck boards with cable wire and trex…for fire resistance and rot resistance. (It will now match the upper building deck in appearance.)

We have specified a waterproof flashing on the tops and sides of these girders before the trex deck pieces are installed on the bridge. This will protect those girders from rotting in the future. That type of rot usually happens when wet deck boards and wet joists are constructed together with no flashing in between. While the rolled bituthane flashing is not required, it is just prudent and easy to do when the deck boards are being replaced.

The most exciting event of last week was the pouring of the tinted concrete for the pool deck area. You can see the liquid concrete coming out of the pump hose this worker is firmly holding onto. It takes a lot of crew members to manage a big pour like this. The pool deck was done in two different pours on back to back days.

Look how far away the concrete truck is from the actual location of the pump hose.

The finished concrete has a finish called “salted”.

Below you see the blue bags of rock salt. After the concrete is poured and smoothed into place, the finishers pour rock salt on it and get on their knees and start lightly pounding the salt into the finish Concrete before it sets up completely. Then the salt is washed away and you have varying indentations that create an interesting finish that is not as slippery when wet.

The Billiards club will be happy to know that they have a new split HVAC system in their room. They had an old window unit for air conditioning that they had to stand on a chair to reach the on and off button.

Now they have a new hvac system just above the black board. The thermostat will be on the wall.

The outside part of this billiard room HVAC system is just outside of the kitchen window in a place not very visible. (See below)

The wall above where the unlovely window unit was hanging needs closing in. The Nordby team is working on that now.

Below you see Johnson Pool staff installing the new salt water pool equipment.

See the extended threshold below into the billiard room…all ADA compliant. Ahhhhh! Such a relief!

Expect to see some concrete sidewalks being formed this week and concrete curbs and sidewalks being poured next week.

After that the asphalt driveway goes in.The math for ADA was finally worked out between the experienced field construction team and the knowledgeable engineers.

Our East Rec future looks bright. The dirty well used asphalt truck sitting in the parking lot is a thing of beauty to behold!

As a second reminder, we have moved the grand opening of the East Rec to May 22nd so we can complete the entire parking lot at the East Rec, as it was scheduled to be done in late summer of 2019. This decision has extended the job scope and time.

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2019

East Rec Progress 4/4/2019

In spite of the rain, Nordby continues to make progress on certain parts of the renovation while delaying and rescheduling certain activities until the sun decides to finally make an appearance for longer than 5 minutes.

Below the old walk way entrance to the building did not meet ADA. So demo and digging has been done to prepare for the new concrete walkway that meets today’s standards.

Some targeted concrete has been poured during non rainy days…such as piers for the new light poles

Concrete has also been poured to keep the pool metal drains set into the future concrete pool deck in their exact position. This first pour keeps the exact height of these drains to be ready and fixed in place for the big pour of the concrete pool deck….soon to come.

Below-These pieces of rebar with orange tops will be bent over in a horizontal position with a rebar bender to be ready for the next big pour. This rebar holds all of the first pour and the later second pour together over time, so they cannot separate.

Below-This tube is one of the shade sail structural concrete piers for the pool area. The reason the dirt hole is so big is there was an underground pipe in the way…adjustments were made.

Swimsuit dryer cabinet and counter ready to receive the swimsuit dryer machine

The new lockers are being installed downstairs

The full length ADA lockers are at the end of the run on the left side of this photo in the men’s room.

Troy is turning on the water in the upstairs sinks….so the East Rec AV training of staff and volunteers can happen.

The secondary path to the pool on the left from the front of the building is being prepared for concrete. This path connects to the existing concrete steps that lead down to the secondary gate entrance.

The friendly ADA building department rep, Robert Cubley is signing a small revision to the plans to slightly adjust the ADA parking stall location by a few feet to avoid being too close a big catch drain that would have to be raised otherwise.

Robert reviewed the requested change on line and then offered to have us bring it in to be approved over the counter so there would be no delay for us going forward from the building dept. side. He was very complimentary of Oakmont investing in its infrastructure to meet new building standards and ADA.

Field conditions versus plans on paper…
What we learned from the head scratching for the parking lot area, is that to achieve the required slope for ADA and still mesh smoothly into the rest of the sloped (in two directions…down and to the left)including the sidewalks and parking lot, we will need to take more parking lot asphalt out than originally planned. And that asphalt to be removed is under these two blue PODs (of course).

Rick Aubert’s staff is emptying one of these PODs tomorrow so it van be returned on Monday. And the other POD will be moved further up the hill to a higher position in the parking lot on Monday.

The head scratching for the parking lot continues tomorrow as Troy and his team try to match the field conditions to the drawings that have projected slopes in multiple directions.

The race to the finish continues…along with the rain.

“These are the times the try men’s souls…” but persevering overcomes every obstacle, especially when you have great professionals caucusing together to solve each problem….
And having a few women on the team whose souls have a longer tipping point.

However, right now this makes me want to be working on a more simple project….like a dog park…

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2019

3-18-2019 East Rec Progress

One more small step toward the coveted final permit sign off happened today when the City Public Art staffer, Tara Thompson came out to confirm that the public art has been installed as was designed on the application. Check! Done!
She has a photograph for her records and has stamped the paperwork at the city for approval of public art installation.

Now we have many minute things left and a few big items left to complete for the grand opening….MAY 1ST has been approved for the ribbon cutting at 3:30 pm!

We thought we could have a “soft” opening to clubs for building usage before the grand opening but the two dates were starting to converge.

The new awning below is up. (It is the color of the new shade sail yet to be seen over by the pool. )This awning on the building protects the window which pushes out at the too from collecting rain inside the building and also protects the new door to the downstairs bathrooms. There used to be a deck above the window and door…not that rain could not get in—-just not enough to be noticed. The awning will prevent rain from coming in at the top of the window when it is open.

The trex deck boards are on. Railing is next!

If there is ever an earthquake while I am at the East Rec pool area, I am going to stand under this deck!
Steel is everywhere with 5 ft. Footings holding up those vertical metal posts.

Concrete workers are getting ready for the pour of the concrete pool deck by laying out these site lines to meet ADA compliance on grade as the concrete meets the pool and the new hot tub.

That cardboard concrete sono tube is where one of the new exterior pole lights will be installed.

While drilling pier holes for the new shade sail there is a pipe Troy will reroute just a bit to miss the required concrete pier location. We attempted to relocate the pier but that did not prove viable. No need to ask…too long a story to go into.

You can see the drilling auger attached to the bulldozer below that looks like a cork screw piece of pasta- now that is how you dig pier holes for concrete!

This copper wire is in the sono tubes where electric lights will be placed after the concrete is poured…this wire is for grounding the electrical connection.

Tomorrow the inspector for themew water fire line comes out and the new enlarged water connection will have 200 pounds of water pressure in them to make sure the connections are solid. Then this rock pile below gets to be added to the big long trench in the driveway so the i\pipe can be covered and asphalt can be repaired.

The trench that will be filled with the above rock is pretty deep.

Here are the sizeable 4 new planter pots that go in front of the four front deck posts in the swimming area.

Less material on the ground means it is installed where it is supposed to be. Having a staging area to set materials that are preordered is critical to moving a job along. East Rec parking lot has been big enough as a work area and a staging area simultaneously.
We are sorry to interrupt access to the parking lit, but at this stage it has been necessary.
It will probably be closed another week to 10 days, depending on the weather.

Soon the quiet lovely nights of Oakmont will be able to be viewed from the East Rec windows while attending an evening event at the revitalized East Rec.

Hope to see you at the grand opening on May 1st!

Bring your friends! We need to celebrate!

As for me….I see more golf and pickleball in my future when this East Rec is done.

3-13-2019 East Rec Update

East Rec site completely closed for next two weeks until 4 pm for pickleball and tennis with only walking access by the service road and NOT the parking lot. Parking must be on the street.

More heavy equipment and concrete trucks coming to take advantage of clear weather over the next two weeks. Also new open trenches make the site closure from all residents imperative.

3-11-2019 East Rec Progress

Sunshine!! Finally!🌦🌦 That means more trucks, earth movers, and concrete workers are coming in these next two weeks….on both sides of the building.

The concrete  pool deck prep and pour and the parking lot fire line with open trenches and heavy equipment represent possibility of accidents.


As of tomorrow, March 12th NO resident will be allowed to walk or park in the East Rec parking lot or the service path (which is where the pool bulldozers will be going to and fro) until 4 pm to sunset.

Only at 4 pm the East Rec pickleball and tennis courts will be available until sunset on every day construction is happening….IF they park on the street ONLY and ONLY walk the service path. Do not walk in the parking lot at all. We want the workers and the residents to be safe.

Below you see piles of rock for “fill” after the street and trench work are complete.

Today sawcutting the open trench for the increased fire water line to service the fire sprinklers will be completed.

Part of the ongoing progress happens with clarifying decisions from shared information made at the weekly progress meetings. Who attends these meetings?
The Nordby team, myself, Tom Kendrick from the OVA Board, Rick Aubert, OVA facilities manager and David Dearden, VIce Chair of the BCC (taking the photo, so you cannot see him!)

The steel deck joists are further along. Soon there will be deck and a railing!

The sheetrock taping and mudding for the downstairs baths are almost complete. The closing up of the downstairs sheetrock had to be delayed until the fire inspector could come to the site and approve the sprinkler system downstairs.

The public art in the high hat (which is also acoustic panels) has been installed! It looks terrific! These are mountain views we see from the windows of the East Rec.

Here are the other panels with mountain views as seen from the East Rec.

Below you may notice a gray band around the room. These are acoustic panels but made to look like an aesthetic feature like a wallpaper band.

The new LED undercabinet lights are complete.

The two new ceiling fans made in size and speed for a big room are excellent. You also see some hanging lights left and right of this fan. The height of the fan, the lights, and the movie projector, from the ceiling had to be calculated so they would not interfere with each other.

Here lies the open trench made today for the fire water line to be buried in.

This big upside down “U” with two red handles is the back flow device to make sure our drinking water stays clean. These are never very attractive but its location is required to be within a certain distance of other parts it is connected to.

The water shutoff for the 11 homeowners last Thursday lasted 3 hours. The street work will soon be over for awhile.

Patience is really hard to maintain when the work gets this far along. The dirt, the inconvenience is wearing on a lot of us. But soon…really soon, it will be worth the sacrifices we have all made.

Keep the faith!

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2019

East Rec Progress (2/25/2019)

Look how many work trucks show up when the sun doth shine!

Parking for trucks on both sides of the parking lot.

That was this past week, of course.

I write today while the rain is pouring down….but we have progress to show you!

Toilets are in and we passed rough inspection for plumbing.

The LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring for the East Rec was 95% complete today. This progress photo was taken late last week. LVP is used widely in commercial settings these days. It incredibly durable, very hard to damage and has a cork bottom which gives it a little cush.

At the main entrance of the East Rec we have a commercial grade carpet that will help take off the grit from bottoms of shoes and not show dirt. The carpet only occurs for a few feet and then transitions evenly with the new LVP flooring that looks like wood, but is not.

Now that the flooring is in, it has to be protected, thus the ram board covering and red tape.

The flooring below in the storage rooms upstairs is a VCT (vinyl composition tile) that is a non statIc product and extremely durable with chair dollys being dragged in and out of that area for different chair set ups in the East Rec.

The VCT tile is already completed in the new storage room, thus the red tape and floor protection. There was another inspection that just passed that allows Troy to complete the insulation and sheetrock in this area as a next step.

The new bathroom partitions are in.

This is the men’s bathroom.

The new locker room doors are in…and yes, they will have ADA door handles soon!

Below is the new set of vented doors that go into the old pool equipment room, that is joined from the inside to the addition to accommodate the added new pool equipment for the salt water pool conversion.

This is a diagram of the blue shade sail that will go in pool area.

The welding of the metal deck support framing has been completed.if you look at the center of the “cross” below, you will see the gray solder.

The weed cloth has been laid down for the new plants in this part of the pool area.

Looking ahead-

Currently we have a March 5th date for the water shutoff from the street. Two days before that we will be digging up the street, as we FINALLY got the encroachment permit out of the building department (🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 applause, please!) as of this afternoon! Deanna Alexander, Nordby’s project manager for this job has been masterful at dealing with the slow turning wheels at the city building department.

Our application for the Temporary Occupancy has been submitted, so that we can use the building starting April 1st….(my birthday and Board election results day at OVA).

That being said, we have a note from Noah’s contractor below.

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2019