East Rec Progress (12/27/2018)

The “coping” tile installation around the edge of the East Rec hot tub and the pool have started. When setting tile for a round radiused area, a good tiler will cut each tile on both sides in order that the grout width is the almost same at the back end and front end of the tile as seen in the top photo. (If a tiler does not do make those cuts for each tile,  this second photo below shows you how much wider the grout would be at the back end versus the front end of the tile.)

The framing for the roof of the addition and plywood will be completed by tomorrow. Rain has ...  Open Post

East Rec Progress (12/3/2018)

East Rec renovation is chugging along.

Second story addition being framed today.

The new pool and spa piping below is being installed to be ready for rough inspection on Wednesday. The health inspector will also be scheduled this week for pool/spa inspection.
After that the trench the pipes are in will be backfilled with dirt to get ready for concrete deck pre-work.

Rough Electrical continues as you can see by the pile of old wiring on the floor and the electrician on the ladder.

Jack Garrison on the right above and down below is custom measuring on site for the (20 inch +/- high by 4 feet wide) acoustic panels that will surround the room just above the door casings so the panels will fit perfectly to improve the acoustics in the room. The grid on the ceiling will be holding 2 ft x2 ft acoustic panels throughout the room, including the conference room.

Below are custom red metal pieces for holding up the countertops, a few metal supports for the folding door upstairs between the conference room and the big room, and bigger supports to act as base plates for the new steel deck posts.

Troy (superintendent on site)and Deanna ( project manager)are pointing to 2 of 3 buried electrical junction boxes behind sheetrock or mirror in the downstairs bathrooms. That condition is a building code violation. This is being corrected by their electrician with a big junction box in the ceiling with a painted metal access panel for ease of accessibility.

Another correction by the electrician is the set up of “shared” breakers, shared neutrals and grounds in the breaker box. That is no longer acceptable by code. Correcting these code violations is a good safety outcome for us for meany years to come.

Below Troy is showing how he will need to lower this existing switch to meet ADA standards. (Fortunately we have leftover tile stored from when this was put in years back to patch it easily with the existing tile.)

All of the 14 public art pieces below have been completed by David Harris and Richard Kasten. And they have been professionally photographed so the images will be transferred to the acoustic panels of the same size in the “high hat” of the raised ceiling in the main room.These art pieces are the mountain views you see out of each window at the East Rec. (Very clever idea!)

At our weekly progress update meeting we decided the Berger seismic work should be moved out to the week after Christmas and the week after New Years. It will take 2 guys 2 days to repair each structural corner. We are still waiting for the custom metal pieces for those corners, as the East Rec custom metal pieces were the priority for keeping the East Rec on schedule. I have asked for them to do the two corners by the plaza on the north side where we enter first.

One last issue to share is what are the visible signs that we have hired a professional contractor?

Troy vacuumed and put plastic down over the carpet in the billiards room which he is using as his construction office.

Troy set up effective rain protection of any opened up walls.

The number of trucks and Nordby employee parking below is an indication people are inside working!

Lastly, I went to the Rosie the Rivetor museum at Point Richmond in Oakland this past week and got inspired about women doing what was considered “men’s work” during the labor crisis of World War 2. Just wanted you to know we are in good hands and yes, together
“we can do this”!

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2018

East Rec Progress (11/26/2018)

Rough electrical is happening, bigtime! You can see David Dearden, BCC Vice Chair and Rick Aubert, OVA Maintenance Manager standing in the storage room looking into the main section of the East Rec meetings with wires dangling everywhere.

Mike Hartley (above) whose company is providing the new automated interior shades and the automated exterior European Rolling shutters (For black out and noise control from outside activities) is reviewing the electrical plans with the electricians on site to make sure all electrical is ready for installation towards the end of the project.

Below you see that Deanna Alexander, Nordby project manager, Troy Llopis, Nordby superintendent, Mike Hartley and the lead electrician have to all be in agreement of what is needed electrically for the window shades. (The fall colors and the mountains are provided by “Others”.)

This window below is in the handicapped stall of the women’s downstairs bath. It will need to be eliminated, since a structural post for the extra wide opening in the conference room is coming down right in the middle of that. There is another window next to it that will still provide natural light, so this is not a real loss. Note the plastic coverage of exposed raw wood…weather protection during the rain. This whole opening will be closed up with plastic by end of day today.

The first door opening and jamb after walking into the downstairs baths has been removed for ADA access. The side benefit is that the bath will feel bigger and more open.

Tory is gearing up for his first major inspection which is called “rough inspection”. There are still little odds and ends that the building department needs for “deferred submittals”, which Deanna, David, Troy and I are working on to be ready for rough inspection. Troy has the permit papers safely tucked in plastic for the inspector

The ordered shade structureArrives on Thursday. The sinks and faucets arrived today.
Steel is ready for pick up for the upstairs widened opening in the conference room.

Rain is going to impair outside work for the next few days, but work on the inside continues, rain or shine. Managing for rain is always on the minds of superintendents. Troy has carefully tarped the new framing of the addition on the side of the building and is holding off on the second story part until the weather clears in the next few days.

We are in good hands.

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2018

East Rec Electrical, Plumbing, Piping & More (11/19/2018)

At the East Rec, things are happening…

Here you see one of the electricians pulling wire for the new LED lighting and he has his body poking through the new acoustic 2 foot x 2 foot ceiling grid newly installed.

The new rough plumbing has been installed with the relocated toilets and sink positions.

The piping for the new pool equipment is going in.

The new hot tub has the new piping in place….

Piping for the new raised sump pit in place.

Framing for the new pool equipment room has started. Second story framing coming next.

Opening from the old equipment room to the addition has been made, after moving gas, electrical and water lines.

When you see a metal lock box for tool storage, you know the electricians are going to be there awhile. This is a good sign.

PCD, our audio visual specialist has lowered our existing big screen to the proper height.

The East Rec renovation will be closed on Thursday and Friday for the holidays.
So far, the schedule is still looking good for end of January completion. Forecasted rain during the holidays starting this Wednesday, is the perfect time. No one will be working until
the following Monday.
And hopefully, we will all breathe easier after rain has cleared the skies and assisted with stopping the wildfires.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Iris F. Harrell
We are all in this together…2018

East Rec Progress (11/13/2018)

The concrete foundation for the small two story addition has been poured and the retaining walls. Lumber for framing arrives tomorrow and framing for the addition begins this week.

Below is the forming in the newly dug hole for the new spa/hot tub.

Now that all of the soil has been carefully compacted around the pool, the trenching for the new pipes and wiring is being completed , as you can see below.

New Piping is being restored and relocated has begun. (The old pipes ran exactly where the piers for the new deck are to be located.)

As a reminder of the new upstairs bathroom tile layouts, here is the timeless white subway tile pattern artfully drawn by Kasten and Harris.

The plumbers have done the rough in for the new locations of the toilets.
The grid work for the acoustic tile ceiling is being installed.
The Audio visual contractor started running wiring today at 7 am for the new “au current” audio visual system being installed.
David and I met the HVAC specialist to confer about the final details of the downstairs baths’ ventilation.

Berger seismic work scheduled for the beginning of December.


Iris F. Harrell
OVA Chair of the BCC

We are all in this together…2018

East Rec Resident Walk Through (11/1/2018)

The paintings for the public art by working Oakmont resident artist and interior designer David Harris have been started and need to be completed in time to have the art photographically transferred to the acoustic panels which will serve double duty in the raised ceiling “high hat”…acoustic panels with art on the cloth, like a transfer of art to a tee shirt.

Don’t miss the Tuesday, November 13th OVA Board meeting if you want more info and details on the East Rec progress and budget reconciliation.

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2018

East Rec Discovering The Unknown (10/24/2018)

Discovering  unknown conditions during a renovation  is what gives people heart palpitations during construction…
So pour yourself a mint julep and read on…..

Required Excavation-
One of the building code requirements to bring the pool concrete deck to ADA standards of 2% slope or less was to excavate 24 inches down around the pool deck area after tearing out the old concrete pool deck. The picture of the pile of pipes, wires etc. to the left are what had to be pulled out with the bulldozers to dig down far enough to meet that standard and for the soils engineer to come on site and examine the soil condition before it is put back in place.

The 24 inches of over-digging is required so that the soil is placed back 6 inches at a time so it can be heavily recompacted. This is to keep the new concrete from failing in the future.

One other unexpected issue during the digging was the discovery of some wet bad sub grade soil. The most cost effective fix from the soils engineer was to add lime to that soil but at the 24 inch deep level and not higher. The lime was kept out of the planting areas. Nordby was able to get the soils engineer out there immediately to decide how best to remediate this condition.

This faint orange painted square on the dirt represents where one of the deck piers is going to be placed. Unfortunately the sewer line is in the way and the main electrical line feeding the building. These need to be relocated. While we had the original plans of the building there was nothing from the past drawings that would indicate where the sewer line actually runs.

This wall below is in the existing pool equipment room. You may remember we are doing a small addition attached beside the building because the new pool equipment requires more space than the existing pool equipment room currently has. The door to be cut through to the addition has electric, gas and water lines that must be rerouted. The old sheetrock had many big excessive holes and moisture damage. Since the addition is using a better more current water/mold resistant finish wall product called densglass, Nordby recommended continuing with that product into the old existing pool equipment room.

This photo below shows the mass of low voltage landscape water & power controls that were discovered during excavation for the new foundation wall for the addition.

Troy is pointing to other line voltage electrical wire that also had to be cut during the excavation. The little white capped pipe with wire over on the wall left of him is the communications line to the building that also had to be cut.

The water had to be shut off to do the excavation and more dirt had to be removed because of the bad soil found below. This caused some of the plants we thought we could keep to be removed. So we will be having the landscape architect add more low water plants in their place.

The BCC will be going to the OVA Board meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 13th for a full report on budget and schedule, so feel free to come to get further details.

Even with these changes, unless we have a whole lot of rain delay, the schedule so far predicts major completion by end of January.

On this Monday, Oct. 29th, I am inviting the first 12 people who ask for a tour of East Rec progress to come for a guided walk through of the site. Please contact me via email at irish@harrell-remodeling.com and I will give you the time and let you know if you made the list.

We can only take a small controlled group onto the site, as work is continuing and site safety must be maintained. We have to choose people with the ability to walk on multiple uneven surfaces, with hiking boots and do a bit of climbing.

Iris F. Harrell

East Rec Update (10/15/2018)

Today the grading begins in the pool area. As you can see from this first photo, the existing underground electric wires to the building and pool are pretty close to the surface and will need to be rerun.

The prior bulldozers you saw in earlier reports were the demolition crew. These bulldozers are being provided and run by the grading subcontractor, which started today, after last week’s meeting with the soils engineer on site digging a few bucket samples.

The engineer and the permit plans call for 18 inches of “overexcavating” from the subgrade, which means the 18 inches starts 5.5 inches below the finish concrete grade.
So a lot of soil is taken out and put back 6 inches at a time with electric compaction tools, so there will be little chance of any soil settling under the new concrete over time.

Photo below is of the collection of landscape wires right where the footing for the bumpout two story addition is going. These will obviously need to be rerouted.

Because the numerous existing water and electric pipes were so shallow, they will need to be rerouted and located, as the over excavation must be completed to satisfy compaction needs for the soil.

We will be taking photos of record of where the rerouting of wires goes so we have knowledge in the future of where all these relocated wires and pipes originate, travel and end up. We will probably place some extra pipe sleeves at the base of  the excavated soil so if we wanted to run another wire sometime in the future there is a chase below the new concrete to run it in.

In the meantime, Troy is chasing down the origin and purpose of  every wire and pipe that we now have to relocate after the excavation.

Another discovered condition is the failing ball valve at the water main at the building. That will need to be replaced.

We hope to have discovered most of any other unknown conditions by next week after pool excavation is completed. The only other future digging area will be when we have to dig across the parking lot to bring in a new water line powerful enough to service the fire sprinkler systems for the building. (If you remember, East Rec had no fire sprinklers.)

Schedule is still good to date.

Iris Harrell

East Rec Update (10/9/2018)

This photo below shows how Nordby’s superintendent, Troy left part of the sidewalk that will eventually come up, so the pickleball club members can get to the courts easily.

We are waiting for grading to occur next week. Our project manager is trying to get a site meeting walk through with the grader & the soils engineer this week to answer any questions the grader may have related to site conditions.

I have been heavily engaged this week with finalizing prepared details related to ordering the many acoustic ceiling panels and wall panels, sizes & layout….

Oakmont artist in resident, David Harris is painting up a storm at his house for the public art required to obtain final permit release.

Seven panels on each side of the elevated East Rec raised ceiling wall will have our own Mountain Views painted by David photographed & transferred to acoustic cloth ( like a tee shirt graphic image transfer)to wrap over the acoustic panels.
So we get a “two for one”- sound improvement and art with the same product.

David’s original art of these mountains will be hung artfully on the walks throughout the facility.


Iris Harrell
BCC Chair

East Rec Renovation Update (10/1/18)

Sidewalk to the pool from the parking lot was too steep for ADA compliance (more like a Disneyland ride going downhill).

This hole is where old hot tub was. If you remember, it was sitting up too high to salvage to meet the proper ADA slope between it and the pool.

Those irrigation lines running to this irrigation box on the old deck post on the utility side of the building where the addition is going have irrigation lines running where the footings for the addition are. Needless to say, they will need to be relocated.

We expect the driveway work and water line to the street for sprinklers work to begin around Nov.15th. Parking lot could be closed for a week to 10 days at that time.

We will keep you posted.

Iris F. Harrell

We are all in this together…2018

East Rec Demolition Almost Done (9/24/2018)

The East Rec has about 2 more days of demolition left.

As you can see to the left, the concrete deck around the pool has been demolished and is being off loaded for hauling.

The old downspout with 5 turns (far from ideal for flowing rainwater) will be replaced with a straight one down the corner of the building and drain directly into a new plumbing drain line. The landscape irrigation timer will be taken off of this old deck post and have a post of its own located by the gates to the air conditioner units.

Scheduling is updated every two weeks and diagrams to help discussions during the weekly meetings are done here in the pool (as in shooting pool) room where Troy and Deanna do paperwork and hold our meetings.

The pool equipment room has been demolished to receive new equipment and sump pit and new drain lines for the new equipment. Rick Aubert and Troy and Deanna discuss the exact location of the sump pit.