General Manager’s Report 11-19-2019

2020 Budget and Reserve Study Update – With the long and arduous budget process this year, the 2020 budget and RS update were approved at a Special Board Meeting on Wednesday November 13, 2019. The dues will increase from $75 to...

General Manager’s Report 10-15-2019

This report covers the CAC pool, our latest Fire Safety Meeting, the recent Public Safety Power Shutoff, the progress with our solar power efforts, and finally a spotlight on the laws surrounding "Exclusive Use Common Area"....

General Manager’s Report 8-21-2019

Our beloved Executive Assistant, Cathy Dougherty will be retiring this month, and we thank her deeply for the wonderful service she provided to our community.

General Manager’s Report 7-16-2019

This report will touch on the upcoming ballot measure, celebration of the completed East Rec Center, as well as a spotlight on Civil Code 4925 which is the law address open forum.

General Manager’s Report 3-26-2019

This Manager's Report spotlights Civil Code 5500, and Civil Code 5501 which both touch on the review of finances within a homeowners association.

General Manager’s Report 3-19-2019

Details on our upcoming annual membership election, the East Rec Center parking lot closure, and an update on the CalFire Grant all in this week's Manager's Report.

General Manager’s Report 11-16-2019

This Manager's Report touches on Civil Code 4925: Open Meetings; Open Forum.
These civil codes regulate the amount of discussion allowed during open forum, and highlights the reasons why responses from the board to open forum comments may be necessarily restricted.

General Manager’s Report 5-21-2018

Conversion of the pickleball report, contracts for the ERC renovation, openings on the Fire Safety and Education/Transparency committees, and much more in this Manager's Report.