Grey Cardigan with Cable Car

Item: Cardigan/sweatshirt
Description: a grey cardigan with a cable car logo on the front
Likely Location Lost: near Card Room in Central Activity Center

Blue Metal Water Bottle

Item: Metal water bottle
Description: blue with a screw-on top/lid
Likely Location Lost:West Rec Center, lower level (first floor)

Lost Fitbit

Item: Black Fitbit
Description: mostly black, with a nickel/metallic finish around face
Likely Location Lost: Central Activity Center pool

Magnetic Meals On Wheels Car Sign

Item: Magnetic Meals On Wheels car-sign
Description: This is the type of sign that would be adhered to the side of a vehicle.
Likely Location Lost: somewhere on the road within Oakmont Village.

9″ Serving Bowl

Item: Serving Bowl
Description: 9 inches in diameter, it is glass with a bamboo pattern
Likely Location Lost: East Rec Center

Rx Glasses & Burgundy Case

Item: Pair of prescription glasses inside of a snap case
Description: the snap case is burgundy
Likely Location Lost: n/a