Celebration 2022 – Oakmont’s Pride Parade & Picnic

Happy Pride
Happy Pride

The month of June has become identified as the beginning of the contemporary LGBTQ civil rights movement, known as “Pride”. Oakmont Rainbow Women (ORW) celebrated Pride Day on June 11th with a festive parade starting at 11 at the Berger parking lot. Before the parade started, folks added bling, flags, & streamers to the vehicles. Despite the heat, there was a fabulous turn-out with 55-65 folks participating in the parade. A mobility scooter led the parade through Oakmont, followed by 20 bikes and trikes, 6 golf carts, and 9 cars. Participants included Rainbow Women, friends, families, neighbors, and beloved dogs. One family cluster had 3 generations participating…wow. People in the parade were armed with bells, buzzers, kazoos, music – not to mention many rainbow flags and windsocks. People were pretty energized at the start.

The route encircled Oakmont Village starting on White Oaks to Fairfield to Oak Leaf to Oakmont Drive past the East Rec back to the Berger. Oakmont residents were fabulous – waving and cheering as the parade passed by. The most heartwarming response from the Oakmont community was a hand-drawn, impromptu sign on Oak Leaf saying “Oakmont Rainbow Women, Thank You For All You Do For Oakmont!” It just doesn’t get any better than that!

After the returning to the Berger, several hearty participants continued on to Stone Bridge, on to the Community Gardens and through several side streets to return to the Berger. You can see from the picture, that we were all pretty wilted by the time the parade finished; but with the supportive response of our neighbors, we were exhilarated!

After a post-parade rest, 65 people returned for the Pride Picnic with lots of yummy food to share and several lively games of corn hole. If you missed it this year, we’ll do it again next year. All friends, family and neighbors are invited to join us in the parade and the picnic!

Thanks to Robin Jurs and many volunteers for organizing the parade, and thanks to Kim Smith and many volunteers for organizing the picnic.

Oakmont Rainbow Women is open to all women Oakmont Residents. For those of you who would like to connect with ORW, send an email to OakmontRainbowWomen@gmail.com. We have lots of activities planned for the summer, so join us!


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