Oakmont Fitness Board

One of our Oldest and most influential members is about to celebrate a big Birthday. The big 90! We thought we would share one of his many accomplishments for the Oakmont Community.


Time has a way of fleeting by so quickly that the past is easily forgotten. One of our members who can’t help but remember how our Fitness Center came to be what it is today is Ken Stueben who spent almost eighteen years on that project and is now celebrating his 90th Birthday.

His is a story of persistence, determination and, yes, success summarized in THE STORY of the OAKMONT FITNESS CENTER – 34 years of history that can be found on the club website. You may access this history by going to oakmontvillage.com. and simply clicking on the events tab, club list and then selecting Fitness Club. The photos alone are worth a look. Here’s a very brief version to wet your appetite:
Beginning in1977 the exercise room had only two old barbells with a bench and over the next 13 years a number of other pieces of used equipment were acquired funded by dues paying ($2) members. 18,615 visits were recorded in 1990. Over the next six years a number of us introduced ways to attract new members and help Oakmonters who were unfamiliar with gyms. We held Open Houses, provided guidance for using equipment, set up maintenance schedules and argued for improvements to the facility. Attendance grew to 31,233 people. By late 1996 the OVA agreed to share the cost of needed equipment 50:50 and push out one wall toward the Golf Course creating a separate room for Cardio exercise. This would be the first real upgrade in nearly 20 years.

By 1997 Ken became President and mounted an aggressive program including 16 issues to better the soon to be upgraded gym that was completed by mid-1998. By 1999 attendance had grown to 38,350 the largest percentage increase ever up to this point. In 2002, just four years after the last upgrade Ken found seven reasons to begin planning for the next expansion and proceeded to move ahead and present our needs to the OVA without the Fitness Board who were too occupied to participate. It took six more years of design changes, Red-Tape and discussions with the OVA before plans were finalized on April 2008 as part of a whole redesign of the CAC. We got nearly 3000 s.f. (vs. 450 s.f. in 1977) for separate Cardio, Strength/Stretch and Free Weights but not the Multipurpose room we recommended. Two items Ken had asked for, namely a makeover of the Locker Rooms and the Air Conditioning system had been forgotten and had to be done before the new gym was opened July 2009. Prior to the Pandemic, annual visits to the Fitness Center numbered about 65,000. Perhaps a fitting conclusion to this review came from Mike Harris who wrote a thank you to the people who “championed the cause over many years” in the January2010 issue of the Oakmont News, and went on to say that “there is one individual who has epitomized the contribution in time and effort and determination to get where we are today. That person is Ken Stueben.

Happy Birthday Ken.

Remember the Fitness Center is open 7 days a week from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. except on Tuesdays we close at 7 p.m. If you have any fitness questions please stop by and see John Phillips or text/call him at 707-494-9086 or email at wkuout2@aol.com. I hope to see everyone at the Center soon.


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