CETC Solicitation

  • Steve Spanier

The OVA Board of Directors voted on May 1 to establish a new standing committee called the Community Education and Transparency Committee (CETC).

The mission of this important new committee is 1) to ensure the Board is continually learning how to better perform its job for the benefit of Oakmont residents and 2) to keep its finger on the pulse of the community to appreciate what the community wants to know and to recommend to the Board ways to meet those needs.

Tools used by this committee may include fireside chats, town hall meetings, workshops, seminars and other similar educational opportunities where a fair and honest exchange of information and ideas can take place.

To fill out this committee, we’re seeking members and a Chairperson interested in understanding and fulfilling the needs of the community by promoting of discovery and planning of educational opportunities for the Board and our community members.

Committee members will first develop a charter to be approved by the OVA BoD. They will then formulate ideas that execute the charter. Iteration between the committee and the Board on these ideas, if necessary, will occur until the Board is able to vote on idea acceptance, at which point the committee will follow up by arranging implementation of the educational opportunities.

Interested parties should email askova@oakmontvillage.com.