•John Brodey

Well, it’s that time of year again as we get ready for a changing of the guard at the VOM Rotary Club. The course of the pandemic has led all of us to consider which of the many changes and adjustments that impacted our daily lives for the last 18 months will be permanent. Working remotely seems here to stay. Unfortunately, it seems our society’s inability to reconcile the concept of personal freedom and legitimate public safety concerns will continue to be a challenge. It’s hard to fathom the reluctance by so many to view science as essential to our survival as a species. Most of us remember when the Polio vaccine was introduced in the mid 50’s. There was no hesitation to be inoculated in any part of the country whatsoever. But the Zoom call concept is here to stay.

Even as our club is about to hold its first live breakfast meeting on July 9th, it will be a hybrid meeting which allows members the option of attending via Zoom. There is no question, though, that everyone is chomping at the bit to come together in person. Socializing the way we do is part of our DNA. We can adapt, but our preference is to be able to see, hug and converse in a more personal way. There is another change for us in that our meeting which used to be 7:30 a.m. will now move back to an 8 o’clock start.

There is a half hour of visiting time as always and so the meeting will officially begin at 8:30. It is also comforting to know we have signed up with The Oak (Quail Inn) to host our breakfast meeting and we are excited.

That first meeting will be led by our new incoming President Lydia Harris. Lydia has been a wonderful member of the club and possesses all the tools necessary to lead us into the new normal. Like many members, Lydia has had a very interesting and successful career as an economist. I can say with absolute certainty that she in no way deserves the classic bad rap economists used get: ‘An economist is someone who can tell you tomorrow why what they predicted yesterday didn’t happen today’. Lydia is fun and smart. We now also say farewell to our outgoing President Daymon Doss. Daymon has the distinction of being the first club president to never preside over an in-person meeting. The pandemic lasted through his entire year and sadly he will now have to get used to wearing pants again. We are excited about the future and hope some new faces will join us and get a sense of what it is that makes Rotary so special. Our next article will include some contact information so that you can sign up as our guest for breakfast. We have some great speakers lined up and that schedule will also appear next issue. Time to get back into the flow and make up for lost time. See you soon.


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