#1 photo Art Fichtenberg. #2 photo Lydia Harris
#1 photo Art Fichtenberg. #2 photo Lydia Harris

John Brodey
Here We Go Again
Well, a new year has begun for your good old Valley of the Moon Rotary; a changing of the guard every July 1st where we select a new president, creating a new opportunity to re-evaluate our mission and goals. This column regularly shares our efforts to make a difference within the community and to an extent, the world. Here we describe the ways in which we support local charities, and, that among the 100+ Oakmont clubs we are a fully documented non-profit organization. While we belong to the global Rotary International network, we do our own thing. We are entrusted with being a force for good works so it makes sense to look in the rear-view mirror and reassess where we’ve been and where we need to go.
With a fond thank you to Lydia Harris for how she met the challenges our club faced last year including changes in our meeting locations and a lack of adequate fundraising activities, we recently welcomed our new president, Art Fichtenberg. This annual renewal is important, and the incoming president faces the challenge of reinvigorating club spirit and outlining a new sense of purpose. Art began his presentation with a reminder of what lies behind Rotary. The men who founded Rotary looked for a common bond, a code of ethics that all members could mutually identify as a key to creating productive relationship called the 4 Way Test. It consists of four questions that should influence everything we say, think and do.
1.Is it the TRUTH?
2.Is it FAIR to all concerned?
3.Will it build GOOD WILL and better FRIENDSHIPS?
4.Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Pretty basic right? But simplicity can be deceiving and clearly things like honesty are never simple nor are they a given. Art’s focus was inspirational, i.e., we should never forget the ideals of being honest and fair in the course of creating an impact on a community and personal level. The byproducts naturally result in creating productive partnerships and a wonderful sense of camaraderie. Out of his reminder certain things became clear We heard a wake-up call; time to brush off what has hampered us in the past three years and get back to doing what we do best, i.e., amplifying our financial and hands on assistance to a number of international and local programs. That is, pick up the pace.
There were some obvious decisions that were key to drawing up an annual plan. First, restart our annual VOM Rotary Crab Feed. We can’t wait to see everyone once again, raise some important funding and let our non-profit partners know we will be there for them next year. Next, reach out and let engaged readers like yourselves learn more about what we do and how we do it. It’s breakfast, it’s painless and though there aren’t any secret handshakes or racoon hats, we have a great deal of fun. We are now at the East Rec every Thursday morning


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