Free Fitness Class*

Classes are free and meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in the Berger auditorium. The Oakmont Health Initiative is a volunteer organization dedicated to  the health and well-being of Oakmont residents. Programs are targeted to active adults with good balance and lateral movement. It is supported by Fund Raisers, the OVA  and the Oakmont Community Foundation.

Equipment: Non-skid yoga mat, athletic shoes, water bottle, small hand towel.
Please join us.  This is a big class designed for active adults. If you need special supervision, it is advisable to join a smaller class first and consult a personal trainer or medical professional to learn modifications that are suitable to your condition. Participants need to use their judgment and body awareness… altering each exercise to prevent injury.  Please check with your doctor prior to beginning this or any exercise regimen.

Meeting Details

Mondays 9-10 – Berger Center

Wednesdays 9-10 – Berger Center

Fridays 9-10:15 – Berger Center*
(*2nd Fridays at East Rec)