Grandparents’ Club

The Grandparents’ Club was formed in order to provide our visiting grandchildren with fun filled activities in a friendly and safe environment.
Presently we have two events each year. Our Easter Egg Hunt is held on the Saturday afternoon before Easter. Our largest event is held the last week in July.   Kickoff begins on Sunday with a welcome party/carnival at Oakmont Gardens and a family movie night at the Berger.  During the week there are numerous activities for the children, including diving for coins, pasta making, bingo, art & music, sports such as bocce, tennis, pickle ball, Wii bowling, & table tennis, and a family pizza party on Wednesday night at the West Rec picnic area.


Oakmont Grandparents’ Week has come and gone and was a lot of fun for 61 Oakmont families and their 105 grandchildren.  There were many activities for kids ranging in age from 2 to 14 … art classes, sports (bocce/pickleball/table tennis/Wii bowling/tennis), pasta making, games with grandparents, coin tosses, and $$ prizes in Family Bingo … something for everyone!  There were dog-training sessions, too, taught by Fiona Fisher, granddaughter of Steven and Nella Groubert … a new and popular class this year.

A huge BRAVA to Betsy Smith, recently retired teacher and Oakmont instructor in both art and fitness classes.  Betsy taught Zentangle Art, Pin Wheels & Paper Crafts, Making Scrapbooks, and Science Fun, along with bubble making at the Wednesday pizza night.  Grandparents’ Club heartily thanks Betsy for her many selfless hours of bringing smiles to our grandchildren.

Grandparents’ Week, along with the annual Easter Egg Hunt festivities, wouldn’t be possible without the devotion of our club members and sponsors.  A huge Thank You to Oakmont Community Foundation, Valley of the Moon Rotary, Oakmont Kiwanis, McBride Realty, Marie McBride Bertolone, Donn & Pat Paulson, Safeway, Oliver’s, Walgreens, and Trader Joe’s.  And last, but not least, we thank all the instructors of the classes, coordinators of the large events, and the Oakie Folkies and Ukesters for providing beautiful and entertaining music at both of our events this year, including vocals by young Eva Torsti, granddaughter of Mary Ellen Brown.

Save next year’s dates now:
First GPC meeting of 2019 is January 22, 4:00 p.m., location TBA
Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, April 20, 2019
Grandparents’ Week – July 21-26, 2019.

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By Leslie Brockman, Oakmont Grandparents’ Club Chair
Questions?  Email Leslie Brockman, Grandparents’ Club Chair, at or call her at 949-683-7725.


Meeting Details

Fourth Tuesday of each month, from January through June at 4:00 pm + 1 year end party in August.
Dues are $15 per year per family.