Lawn Bowling*

Lawn Bowling is a sport that originated in ancient Egypt and was very popular more than 900 years ago in Europe. Mr. Berger, the developer of Oakmont, constructed the Oakmont bowling green in 1963. A club for Oakmont residents was formed, and in 1965 the green was dedicated by the Northern California Lawn Bowling Association.

Along with the comraderie, a bowler increases eye-hand coordination, focus and concentration, the strengthening of legs and arms, which helps us keep healthy and young. The club instructors give free lessons all year, at a person’s convenience. A sheet is posted in the club bulletin board, at the green, for name and phone number of people interested in learning this challenging game.
Our daily draw games are at 12:30 PM, or on hot summer days, they begin at 9:30 AM. If you come to watch, we are a friendly group and will be happy to answer questions.

You may see club members wearing white clothing when playing in an intra-club tournament. This follows an old universal Lawn Bowling tradition.
The club has many social activities through out the year. We also have a brown bag social meeting once a month to keep members up to date on activities and have a chance to welcome new members.

Meeting Details

Daily at the Lawn Bowling Green, next to the Central Activities Center
12:30 PM or 9:30 AM during the hot summer.