Oakmont Technology Forum

Technology is no longer just computers, cell phones, and your Walkman. Think what changes we have seen in the last few years. We’ve seen iPods, iPads, Kindles and Nooks; iPhones and Androids; Apps; Wii Fitness; Garmin; Netflix, Roku, and Skype. New devices and systems are being announced every week. So, what’s right for you?   The Oakmont Technology Forum is a way to keep up with our changing technology world. This club meets three times each year, with a different focus each time. We welcome all Oakmont residents to attend and share information on how the technologies being discussed impact your lives. Since our founding, we have discussed eReaders (Kindles), Facebook, WiFi, Cell Phones, Technology for Disabilities (Vision, Hearing, Mobility), etc.

Do you want to help with the Technology Forum? If you are experienced in new technology and would be interested in helping the Oakmont Community, contact George McKinney at right.



Meeting Details

Three times annually with the Oakmont Computer Learning Center Open House

(Normally August, December/January, and March/April).

Watch the Oakmont News for announcements

Fees: None