Coming Soon! A Wall Street Journal Article Featuring Oakmont

Last Updated: 09-27-18

Over the last few months, various board and community members have been interviewed by a Wall Street Journal reporter. We’ve been told the resulting article will likely appear sometime this coming week.

This feature article, which I’m told will be about 2,500 words, will focus on how senior communities such as Oakmont face some of the same problems as greater society. Chief among these is wealth disparity, which as we know all too well makes community governance more difficult.

The reporter, Jennifer Levitz, is a delightful, intelligent young person who has gotten to know Oakmont very well. You may learn more about her and read some of her previous articles here. She’s up to speed on issues like pickleball and the golf club, knows the major players and has spent time in Oakmont even though she lives in the Boston area.

In addition, a local photographer contracted by the Journal has taken thousands of pictures. Naturally, we’re praying none of them will actually appear in the article. 😉

We hope the article will be generally favorable, but Jennifer is certainly aware of the conflicts that have roiled our community over the past few years. For better or worse, our little slice of heaven is about to gain an international audience. Keep your fingers crossed!