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Community Church (3/1/2019)

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Hello Beloved Community

Spring is in the air and that means so is planting season. Plants need a good foundation of soil to start their growth. For Christians, our “soil,” our foundation, is Christ. Christ nurtures us and supports us. Just like a plant needs nutrient rich soil to thrive, Christ gives his children every possible nutrient we would ever need: Peace, Love, Encouragement & Wisdom… and His supplies are unlimited. Plants grow towards the light. They long for the warmth and strength that only sunlight can give. The Bible is our sunlight and as children of God, we should also lean towards the light, His Word, for guidance, and strength. Last but not least, plants need water to sustain them. I like to think of that much-needed water as fellowship with fellow believers. God didn’t intend for us to grow alone, but to be there to encourage each other in Christ.

OCC is gearing up for a 31-week series entitled “The Story.” The Story is God and humanity’s story in chronological order. It is a wonderful way to read the major stories of the bible as a novel. We invite you to join us as we walk through God’s story. Books are on available for order. The Story begins Sunday, March 10th.

Taste of Israel, March 23rd from 2-4 pm at the West Rec.

This is an “Armchair Travel” event with slides and history of Israel. Join us for this informative and inspiring event.

Bi-Annual Vision Meeting

Twice a year, as a congregation we take a look at where we have been and where we are heading. We invite all members to be present on March 31st. The meeting will be following the Sunday service and should be between 30-45 minutes long.

Oakmont Community Church – 50 Years of Service

Tuesday Bible Study at the Garden’s @ 1:30 pm – The Book of Revelation

Wednesday Bible Study at the Manse, aka The Pastor’s house @ 10:30 am – The book of Acts.

Sunday Worship Services at the Central Activity Center at 10:30 AM.

Sunday Worship Service for the Gardens Residents at 1:00 PM

On the horizon…
March 10th – The Story, chapter 1: Creation, the Beginning of Life
March 17th – The Story, chapter 2: God Builds a Nation
March 24th – The Story, chapter 3: Joseph: From Slavery to Deputy Pharaoh

Need Prayer, hospital visit, or communion? Call Pastor Pastor Brinda 707-595-0166

The Manse: 6687 Oakmont Dr. / Website:



SAVE THE DATE: JULY 14 The Oakmont Pétanque Club has tentatively scheduled its first tournament for 2021, the Bastille Day Tournament, for Bastille Day, Wednesday,

Oakmont Canine Club News

Oakmont Canine Club News Save The Date! – Tuesday, April 13th 3:00 PM …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Our 2nd Canine Club meeting of 2021 is again a virtual