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I trust you all had a pleasant Thanksgiving. I feel very blessed to be able to spend the holiday with my daughter in Washington. In my absence, one of our board members hosted our 3rd annual Thanksgiving dinner. The dinner was for all those who would otherwise be alone on the holiday. Speaking of holidays, the Christmas lights are going up and there is a feeling of joy that is coming upon us. I love Christmas. It reminds me of when I was young and the anticipation of waiting for Santa to come. I have such fond memories of sneaking up in the wee hours of the morning with my sisters to see all the wonderful things in our stockings. My mother, (opps Santa Claus) always put an apple and an orange in the bottom of the stocking. Piled on top of the fruit was all kinds of wonderful sweet ribbon candy. I still wait with eager anticipation, but now I no longer wait for Santa, but for our Lord. “From the beginning, the Christmas story has been one of fulfilled longing. It reaffirms our faith and gives us reason to celebrate the goodness and nearness of God. As we struggle with our own sense of silence and strain to see God at work in our messy lives, Christmas urges us on by reminding us that God will come through on His promises.” Christmas is about waiting and hoping in God. Join us this Advent season as we celebrate with anticipation the birth of Christ.

Oakmont Community Church – 50 Years of Service
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Sunday Worship Services at the Central Activity Center at 10:30 AM.
Sunday Worship Service for the Gardens Residents at 1:00 PM
Tuesday Bible Study at the Gardens at 1:30 PM – Teaching on Isaiah
Wednesday Bible Study at the OVA office suite B at 10:30 AM – Teaching on Acts
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January Classes Coming Soon!

Oakmont Lifelong Learning We apologize for having to cancel our Fall semester classes due to the Glass Fire. We are working on rescheduling a variety

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There are still a lot of opportunities for you to play games with your neighbors and friends. We have game groups for contract bridge, duplicate