Constitution Club Finally Meets

  • Dorothy Webster 

Small, Outdoor Gatherings 

An article about a newly sanctioned Constitution Club appeared in this paper last March and ran again in April. From that small bit of publicity, 80 residents emailed us saying they were eager to join. Today, 170 Oakmonters have joined the Constitution Club. That`s a phenomenal response.  

Unable to meet at Berger until possibly 2022, Co-Chairs Rosalie Bulach and Dorothy Webster decided to have two allowable meetings in June: backyard gatherings for 10.  

A Meeting of Minds 

Those who attended our Saturday meetings said they were delighted to meet other, like-minded Republicans. One exclaimed “This is exactly the group I`ve been looking for.” Another was “very happy to have camaraderie with others interested in the future of our country.” The Republicans voiced their concerns over:  

  • Attempts to amend our Constitution to abolish the Electoral College and increase Supreme Court justices from 9 to 15 
  • Acquiescing to destroying our statues, history, and police precincts 
  • Open borders with U.S. citizens paying health care costs for all who enter the U.S. 
  • Homeless problems and gun violence in cities run by left-wing, sometimes radical politicians 

Attendees also shared other concerns, such as poor-performing public schools, banning charter schools, bias in the mainstream media and on social networks. All wanted OVA to fly a large American flag again at Berger, as we did in the past. 

Committed to the Future 

The new members decided that the Constitution Club will send conservative news items and opinions to members, get signatures on petitions, make calls to get out the vote, and start a book club. Most importantly, the club will hold more small meetings in back yards in July and August. If you would like to participate or get on our mailing list, email


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