This event has already happened.

Looking to meet new people, share some outstanding appetizers and play the exciting game of American Mahjong?

We would like to start up a group similar to Dinner’s for Eight, but with Mahjong playing included. New players are welcome. Learning the game takes a session or two and we are more than happy to teach new players. We were part of a very enjoyable couples Mahjong group in the Northwest and are looking forward to meeting new players here.

Once you learn the game, the great part of playing is that it’s an equal combination of strategy  plus  luck. To increase focus, some players choose to bring loose change to the game and play for a few quarters. Personally I’ve had big nights and won almost $3 in one session. Of course, that is optional. I don’t want to cause any gambling concerns.

We’ve set up an informational meeting on Tuesday, November 30 at 5 p.m. in room B at the Central Activity Center.  Feel free to email me anytime with questions:

Josh and Kim Axelrod