COVID Vaccinations Begin at Berger Center

Oakmont News Staff

            Vaccinations against COVID-19 began in Oakmont Feb. 4, with people holding appointments lining up at the Berger Center. The vaccinations were limited under county rules to people 75 and older at all county vaccination sites. 

            More freevaccinations were to be given Feb. 5 and Feb. 8.

            “The clinic went extremely smoothly and everyone was so happy to be there,” said OVA Vice President Heidi Klyn, who worked with the county to bring the clinic here.

            The Health Department, partnering with Safeway pharmacies, committed to 900 total vaccinations over the three days. They upped that number to 400 vaccines on Feb. 5 and 8, and the Health Department hoped to add more days, depending on vaccine availability.

            “The idea is to get Oakmont vaccinated as quickly as possible so we can get back to the way we were,” Klyn said.

            People receiving the Moderna vaccine at Oakmont were being given appointments for the second, required dose. Those are to be given at the Berger March 4, 5 and 8.

            People 75 and older may make appointments for shots at this website:

Plans for vaccinations for people age 65 to 74 are to be announced by the county.

            The OVA is sending frequent emails with information on the vaccination program here, with instructions on making appointments. Residents are also being asked to help neighbors who may not have computers or access to the email notifications.

            If you aren’t receiving the OVA eblasts and other OVA announcements, you can sign up by going to the OVA website at this address:

Gary Simmons was the first to receive a vaccination at the Oakmont site. His shot was administered by Safeway pharmacist Myranda Munoz, who was working at her 13th clinic (Photo by Julie Kiil)