What do Faherty, Bellomo, and DiMaggio have that DeChambeau and Schauffele don’t? What does every golfer from weekend duffer to pro tour regular desire? With 12,000-1 odds and only a 16% success rate, what remains the ultimate goal? That’s right, a hole-in-one!!!!

Congratulations to our VOM Tuesday Women’s Group champs! Here’s the play-by-play!

On a bright but chilly morning in January, Kathy Faherty delivered a beautiful shot onto the green and into the 13th hole on the Valley of the Moon course. Two weeks later, Joy Bellomo (VOMTWG caption), followed with one of her own!!! You could hear the cheering from #11-14! We know that everything happens in threes, so Joan DiMaggio obliged with another perfect shot to the 13th green—in it rolled!

Crack open the champagne! Three cheers for Kathy, Joy, and Joan!


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