Damage in West Rec Widespread

            Damage to the West Rec Center from the recent fire sprinkler failure includes destroying 90 percent of the building’s drywall. That was part of a report delivered to Oakmont’s board Sept. 21 by OVA General Manager Kimberly Rowland.

            “There wasn’t any space in the West Rec that wasn’t affected by the water,” Rowland said. She expressed appreciation to groups who use the building for accepting temporary relocation to other OVA facilities during what was originally estimated as at least a three-month job repairing damage from the July 24 flooding of the building.

            Rowland said the rest of the West Rec’s old fire sprinkler system would be inspected and upgraded as needed to avoid a repeat failure – “to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

            OVA is working with Nordby Construction, a local firm that has been part of other Oakmont projects, to restore the building. It hasn’t been possible yet to set a date to reopen the building.

            In addition to sheet rock, damage included insulation, tile and lighting. Asbestos remediation also was needed, Rowland said.

            The board’s September meeting marked a change from a virtual-only format adopted during the pandemic to a combination offering in-person with masks or virtual participation by the directors and members. It was a mix, with some directors attending by Zoom and others in person. Most member participation was virtual.