Dancing With a Smile on Her Face

Reenie with a tie, dancing man's role with partner Susan
Reenie with a tie, dancing man's role with partner Susan

Reenie Lucker was born and raised in the west Texas town of El Paso. Living on the border of Mexico, she was more exposed to Cinco de Mayo celebrations and Quinceañeras than to square dancing. However, she was introduced to it on a family vacation to Colorado where she fell in love with horses, mountains, and all things Western. She and her sister would look forward to the evening square dance sessions in the community hall. Sixty plus years later she finally started learning the calls and enjoying the fun of dancing to a caller’s patterns.

Reenie and her husband Bill moved to Oakmont eight years ago. She has immersed herself in community activities: hiking, backpacking, swimming, playing Mah Jongg, pickleball, piano and table tennis.
Being a great believer that music and dance are good for the mind, body, and spirit, Reenie jumped at the chance to learn to square dance, starting in the introductory class of October 2021. On completing that class in the women’s role, she entered the next beginner class to learn the men’s steps. Very few dancers can dance both roles, and those who do can come to the rescue when seven other dancers are waiting to form a square and need just one more person who can fill the missing position. Reenie took on the challenge and says it mostly entails remembering to turn in the opposite direction from the female moves. She enjoys the many new friends she has made in the class and revels in the music and the intricate patterns that square dance caller Lawrence Johnstone creates.

Reenie and Bill have three children, spread across the US and Canada, and six grandchildren whom she loves to visit. Before moving to Oakmont, she worked as an accountant, manager, and full-time caregiver for Bill’s mother, a stroke patient.

She and Bill have traveled extensively, and she has always enjoyed observing the dances of different cultures as a way of tapping into the hearts and souls of people in other lands. In 1995 they sailed around the world on the Semester at Sea, a university program to promote world understanding by experiencing and studying cultures in developing nations. It also sparked her interest in folk dancing and ethnic music.
Reenie says the smile on her face when she is square dancing is quite genuine. “It’s just plain FUN!” Any prospective dancers out there are urged to keep that in mind when the next beginner class is offered. New classes are announced periodically, both in the Oakmont News and the Inside Oakmont weekly online newsletter.

The Oakmont Squares meet Tuesday evenings with caller Lawrence Johnstone, 7:00-9:00 PM at the East Rec Center. Proof of Covid vaccination/booster required. Experienced dancers from the SSD level or beyond are welcome to come visit or join the Oakmont Squares at any time. Donation is $6 per person. For information call Jenny at 707-367-2102.


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