Saul Reproved by Samuel. Painting by John Singleton Copely via Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)
Saul Reproved by Samuel. Painting by John Singleton Copely via Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

by Beth Moore

We have a journey before us as we begin this story through Scripture.
King David is a multi-faceted personality and one of the most well known figures in history.Getting prepared for the study of David requires being ready for the onset of a natural disaster.The theme is backwards, an example of the opposite: man in relationship to God. David’s life calls forth many responses, but boredom
is not one of them.
       This in depth 11 session Bible Study begins with David in The Book of Samuel – [ before Christ comes to this earth, when Saul is Israel’s first king].
 This is the introduction to that particular man of God. 1Samuel 13:1-14, the study of character development: getting involved in the story of a shepherd king.
1 Samuel 13:5-14,touches on the Phillistines, and Saul’s forfeited throne through disobedience and lack of intimacy with God.
Saul’s refusal of trust in God cost him the Lord’s blessings and rewards.
        The lives of Samuel and Saul were intertwined through time by two words: “asked for”. Go to 1 Samuel Ch.1 for the backstory of Hannah, who brings her
greif before The Lord. Hannah’s son called Samuel, and the name Saul have corresponding meanings in the ancient Hebrew language. Saul is specifically the word that means exactly: “asked for”. The name Samuel sounds like the word asked for, but means “the one who God has spoken over”.
 1 Samuel 8:1-22,There was a King coming, though not the one God Himself chose. Be careful what you saul to God for, if you asked for it, God will redeem it. 1Samuel 10:20-24, from the tribe of Benjamin came Saul, the asked for king.
1 Samuel 12:12-15[coming out of the period of Judges] Samuel gives a farewell to Israel and still makes appearances in this book.1Samuel 11:6-27 Saul had a heart to appease God instead of pleasing Him. Saul’s position exceeded his passion. God wanted a man who valued a relationship with Him over a victory with the Ammonites.
 God was looking for someone who would bring their whole heart into leadership and that would come on a field where a boy was keeping the sheep. God is telling us that He is looking for anybody that would bring his whole heart to Him.
        Every story that is written is the adventure that God is writing about His own glory.

    When we are able to resume, please join us in this small informal study.     Contact: Cynthia DiBenedetto, 538-4505


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