Debate Continues on Golf in Oakmont

Last Updated: 09-15-18

  • Staff Report

A newspaper flier urging financial support for Oakmont golf brought a swift reaction over the Labor Day weekend from the OVA, denying involvement with the message.
The rare Sunday statement Sept. 2 also said the OVA would update the community on the status of talks with the Oakmont Golf Club “in the very near future.”

The one-page flier inserted into the Sept. 1 edition of the Kenwood Presswas attributed to “Concerned Oakmont Homeowners.” It was unclear who paid for the insert. Under OVA policy the flier would not have been allowed to appear in the Oakmont Newswithout prior approval of the OVA.

The insert made various claims, many of them unsubstantiated, about the value of contributing financial support to the OGC and urged residents to contact OVA directors.

In its terse response sent to residents by email, the OVA Board said it was “unaware that this article was to be printed and does not know who paid for the ad insert.” It said the board “plans on providing status of the OGC project in the very near future.”

The board statement was issued after receiving questions from people who thought the flier had come from the OVA.

Since last spring, the OGC has been making a pitch for financial assistance from the OVA, claiming among other things, that the cost of operating Oakmont’s two golf courses should be shared because residents benefit from valuable services like water drainage and maintenance of open space.
The OGC has insisted that it is doing OK financially now, but may need help if there are other bad revenue years like 2017, when the October wildfires shutdown the courses. It also has said some maintenance has been deferred in recent years.
The OGC board with assistance from Kemper Sports, its management company, has developed a five-year plan for how any contributions from the OVA would be spent and distributed the plan to its members.