Democratic Club 8-1-2019

Oakmont Democratic Club

Oakmont Democrats New Time, New Place, and Some Good News

August 22 at 7 PM at the newly renovated East Rec Center, the Oakmont Democratic Club will resume its regular General Meetings with a presentation on Public Banking. The ODC Board decided to move the regular monthly meeting to the FOURTH THURSDAY of each month and meetings will now be held in the East Rec Center.

Some Good News:

A joint team of leaders from the Oakmont Progressives and Oakmont Democrats have formed an issue action team to research and advocate for issues that matter to our community. The first two areas they have chosen to work on are climate change and the local housing crisis. After a series of research meetings, Oakmonters have been attending and speaking at selected public meetings. Working in coalition with others, we are scoring some progress on these issues, namely:

1. Sonoma City Council approved $15 hour minimum wage impacting 2,000 low wage workers. This will help low income workers live closer to their jobs. Less commuting is good for our environment and good for their families.

2. Santa Rosa City Council has directed staff to move forward with a Reach Code including “all electric” that will reduce local fossil fuel use in new homes.

3. Santa Rosa City Council’s Climate Action Subcommittee agreed to recommend to the full Council moving the City’s utility account to Sonoma Clean Energy’s Evergreen Program in which the City will use totally 100% local renewable energy.

WANT TO GET INVOLVED? At our next meeting we will share ways on how you too can help shape public policy.

UPDATE- Public Banks, Why they matter:

A team of local civic leaders are pushing the City of Santa Rosa to create a Public Bank to create local control over the City’s own investments. Multiple cities across the country are exploring creating Public Banks as a way to remove funds being invested in fossil fuels and other socially questionable areas and put them into creating more investment in local needs. Chris Petlock from Friends of Public Banking will outline how this might work at the Thursday, August 22 7PM meeting of the Oakmont Democrats. Chris was originally planning to speak at our May meeting but with flood conditions that occurred at that time he was called to an emergency meeting of the Water District. We look forward to an interesting and provocative presentation. All are welcome. REMEMBER: Dems meetings are at East Rec.



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