Did you know you may be able to lower your taxes depending on how you invest?

This event has already happened.

For Jan 21, 2022 InvestOAK Club Meeting

The goal of InvestOAK is to advance members’ knowledge and understanding of investment options and strategies for retirement. Membership experience ranges all the way from investment novice through those who have had a professional career in the financial world. There is no actual monetary aspect to the club’s activities.

The InvestOak club meeting will typically feature a new investment topic each month, a Market Update and discussion with your participation encouraged. If you have a topic of interest or if deeper involvement in Club activities is appealing please mention it. Some topics in the queue are ESG investing, ETFs, Inflation and investing, REITs, Risk and Return, Wealth Transfer etc.

Presentation for Jan 21, 2022:
Did you know you may be able to lower your taxes depending on how you invest?
If this topic is of interest, the January meeting is for you – Tax-Efficient Investing.
This presentation by Fidelity Investments will cover tax-efficient investing and will discuss impacts, strategies, and upcoming tax changes. Fidelity will also be available to answer questions, as time permits. This is expected to be a very interesting meeting. InvestOAK hopes you will attend.

Points / Subjects
• Understand the impact of taxes on a portfolio
• Identify strategies to help plan for taxes
• Review upcoming planned changes in tax law and
• Understand potential impacts

Topic Presented by: Rosemarie G Halajian, CFP®, Phil Walker, CFP® & Christel Whittier, of Fidelity Investments.

Interested Oakmont residents are invited to attend the next regular meeting which is Friday, Dec 21, 10:00am to 11:30am, Room B, Central Activities Center unless conditions prohibit.
For the year 2022 InvestOAK meetings will be held on the third Friday of the month. Members can expect an email notice in the days preceding the meeting. For further information or to join the distribution list for meeting notices contact Len Grosso – leonard.grosso @ yahoo.com.