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Our Dinner for 8 (a standalone group not affiliated with any other organization) was founded in 2002. Hosts and guests come together for a mutually agreeable date for dinner.

Based on meeting new people and widening our circle with an emphasis on fine dining, everyone at the table participates. We share hospitality and dining together in our homes four nights a year, plus a picnic and a cocktail party. Our events are every other month. We have our cocktail party in February, dinners in April and June, our picnic in August, and then dinners in October and December. When joining the group, members agree to host once during the year and are assigned a month based on their preference.

On the first day of the month in which we have a dinner, each host receives their guest assignments and schedules their guests on a date that accommodates everyone. Members are rotated each time to give an opportunity to meet everyone. When we have Dinners for 8, the hosts and their guests come together in the hosts’ homes for a delightful evening. Each host determines their menu and generally provides the entrée. Each guest is then asked to participate in the meal by bringing an hors d’oeuvre, salad, or dessert. The wine selection is suggested by the host to complement the meal.

On the second Sunday in February, we start the new year by coming together at a cocktail party in a member’s home. The Dinner for 8 picnic is held in a picnic grove in Oakmont on the second Sunday of August. The guests bring hors d’oeuvres to the cocktail party and the picnic.

Dinner for 8 membership is open at anytime. Please call Leslie Evans at 843-7408 or Jean Whitridge at 538-1258 for further information.
Meeting Details:

Four times a year, on a Saturday night.
Contact Details:

Leslie Evans / Jean Whitridge
Phone: 843-7408 / 538-1258