Don’t Stagnate! Brush Up or Learn Tennis

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  • Ruth Layne

Oakmonters are active. We live here because we like to stay busy and many of us aren’t put off by learning something new as adults. We embrace it. So why not take up tennis. Or if you haven’t played for a while and want to get back into the game, check into the Tennis Club with its Tuesday/Thursday instructional clinics. You will not find a bargain anywhere like you can here. Your annual $20 membership fee gets you from 2 to 4 hours weekly of group lessons with our own trained tennis instructor Tony Agocs. You won’t find group lessons anywhere for that price. To join, contact Joan Kline, Membership Chair, at 650-279-2750.

Kim Young Ran reciprocates with instruction in chopsticks for her tennis instructor, Tony Agocs.

For those of you who need to collect your rosters, they are now in the OTC folder in the OVA office. Members who have paid their dues may pick the orange 2019 roster there. The new roster has the most up to date member information as well as the annual schedule. Haven’t paid your dues yet? Joan will still take your money; just get in touch with her at the number above.

East Courts Opened, But Watch Your Step

The good news is that Courts 7 and 8 at East are available for play again. Many of us experienced the high demand and wait time for courts on West at the peak morning hours, so it’s good to have those two courts back. However, the recommended access, using the service road to the left of East Rec while the parking lot was closed, was not as straightforward as it sounded. Only part of the way is paved, and even then construction vehicles were, understandably, parked on the lane. From that point, players needed to veer off up the hill, sometimes dodging mulch piles, and follow a narrow dirt path on the slope of the hill, partially surfaced with loose rock, as they made their way past the Pickelball Courts to the tennis courts. The sure-footedness of a mountain goat would be helpful, but for the rest of us humans, care is the order of the day, at least until the latter part of May.

Grace Barner followed by Olivia Kinsler and Walt Kusener at the Getting to Know You Event.

Summer Activities Heating Up

Hot summer days tend to limit the hours that can be spent on the courts, but we do have two summer tennis events planned. First, mark your calendars for the Sparklers vs. Rockets team tennis planned for Saturday, July 13. Shortly thereafter, on Saturday, July 20, we will have our big summer event at the Berger Center. More information will become available as the dates near.



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