East Rec Center Opening Delayed to May 22

Al Haggerty

The opening of the newly renovated East Recreation Center, originally scheduled for May 1, has been put off until May 22 and the return of meetings and events to the center will not begin until June 3.

The change in schedule, announced at the April 16 OVA Board meeting, is the result of a last-minute decision to repave the entire parking lot. The original plan called for tearing out and replacing about one-third of the lot in order to comply with ADA regulations calling for a less severe slope.

However, director Tom Kendrick, board liaison with the Building Construction Committee, noted that the Reserve Study for 2019 has budgeted for repair and re-asphalting of the entire lot before October. Doing it as part of the current job while the heavy equipment is on site will reduce the costs, he said. Putting off the work until September would mean closing down East Rec again. Iris Harrell, chair of the BCC, said they are gathering pricing information.

Also added to the project is renovation of the bridge which is the primary access to the pool. The railing does not meet code and there are dry rot problems. Since this work is also in the 2019 Reserve Study, it will be less expensive to do while workers are on the site.


            The board voted 6-0 (director Al Medeiros was absent) to spend up to $69,135 to resurface the Central Pool and up to $35,325 to convert the pool from chlorine to a saline solution, which will complete the salinization of all three Oakmont pools. The work will include a quartz finish, which will make the plaster more durable and increase the warranty from one year to 6 to7 years, according to Rick Aubert, facilities manager.

Aubert said the Central Pool will not be closed for the work until the reopening of the East Rec pool, which is expected in mid-June. The work probably will begin in mid-August. The re-plastering will be done by Adams Pool Solutions of Pleasanton, Calif. Because the bids for the salinization were only about $100 apart, it was decided to award the contract to whichever company can begin the work the soonest. They are Johnson Pool & Spa of Windsor and Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies of Santa Rosa.

The board unanimously approved spending up to $64,580 to upgrade the audio-visual equipment at Berger, noting that the current equipment “is still failing and causing issues at events on a more routine basis.” It further noted that the new equipment is much simpler to use and is portable so that it can be easily moved if major changes are made at Berger. The work will be done by PCD of Santa Rosa.


            The board voted 6-0 to study the possible installation of a bridge from Meadowgreen 2 to Wild Oak to gain permanent access to Trione-Annadel State Park. The Oakmont Community Development Committee will research the project, including costs and obtaining an easement from the Wild Oak HOA.

The board approved as a recognized group the Sonoma County Organ and Keyboard Club. This enables the club to use OVA facilities for their events. The club’s objective is to provide its members with a social club for the enjoyment of organ music and to encourage musical education and an opportunity to associate with others interested in organ music.

A board workshop will be held at 1 p.m. May 7 at Berger for a presentation of research done over the last year by the Long Range Planning Committee. The next regular board meeting is set for 1 p.m. May 21 at Berger.

            (Watch a video of the meeting at www.oakmontvillage.com/videos)