East Rec Center Project Nears Completion

By Tom Kendrick, OVA Vice President

We are pleased to be soon reopening our heavily used Oakmont East Recreation Center.  Most of the ERC remodel and update project is complete, and the pool will be reopening just in time for warm summer weather. The

The newly invitiing and rebuilt ERC pool, filled with water on May 16. (Photo by Iris F. Harrell)

overall facility is nearly ready to serve many more decades of frequent, extensive use. This project has been a large undertaking, and it will complete in June within the $2.78M adjusted budget established last November—with some contingency funds remaining.

Costs for this long-overdue renovation remain completely in line with the current market and for a project of this magnitude. And the value of our newly remodeled facility more than justifies the overall investment. The center now has improved ADA access, alignment with current building codes, a beautiful and easily maintained pool and spa, modern and easy-to-operate AV systems, improved lighting and acoustics, a rock-solid and attractive deck, spectacular art work, and meeting spaces that will address the current and emerging OVA membership needs.

Getting the ERC back in to operation has been delayed more than once, mostly because of the substantial spring rains that affected the pool deck replacement and other outdoor work. As we approached the final phase of the ERC project we accepted an additional small delay to allow us to resurface the entire ERC parking lot.  The last part of the ERC project, ensuring full ADA compliance for walkways and ADA parking spaces, ultimately affected about a third of the ERC parking lot. Replacing all of the parking lot now, work that was originally scheduled for later in 2019, will require less disruption and reduces the cost. If weather permits, all resurfacing work is scheduled to be done by late May, allowing the site to reopen for activities upon its completion with no further closures this year.

We are grateful for the tireless efforts of the Oakmont Building Construction Committee, particularly Iris Harrell and David Dearden, in seeing this project through, and the steady, high-quality work of Nordby Construction, our general contractor. Given the current Sonoma County construction climate, the BCC wisely selected and was able to retain the commitment of a competent and reliable general contractor and other contributors to complete the work on the Oakmont East Recreation Center.