East Rec Progress (1/16/2019)

Oakmont Building Construction Committee (BCC) East Rec Project update for January 14 by David Dearden, BCC Vice Chair.

Despite rain, footings for the new deck posts are laid out (rectangle, lower left) by the steel contractor. Next up for the pool and spa: more tile.

What’s a guy to do on a rainy day? Work inside!
Beams are being fabricated for the Berger 4-corners seismic project. The material is laminated fir 6”x18”. Each piece is 11’ long and weighs over 300 lbs!
The East Rec and Berger are being done at the same time by General Contractor, Nordby Construction. Concurrent work will save OVA several thousand dollars as crews and superintendent can go back and forth between sites without the cost of a separate mobilization. Fabrication of Berger materials at the ERC also keeps the Berger cleaner and minimizes noisy disruptions.

Cutting steel for interior framing for the folding partition door between Conference Room and Main Auditorium.

Completing installation of track for folding partition door.

Men’s room on upper level of East Rec ready for tile installation.

Tile installation underway in women’s room on upper level of East Rec.

Last week we had release of the deferred permit submittal for the interior fire sprinkler system. We are still waiting for Fire Department to approve the prior submittal of the permit for the fire sprinkler supply line from the street. This is the last deferred submittal approval required for this project.

Rick Aubert, Oakmont Facilities Manager, reports the new chairs for the East Rec are expected by the end of April. We will re-open with folding chairs while we await delivery of our new chairs. Here’s an example of the new chairs. Each chair has hooks on the side, which allows rows of seats to be interlocked. This is a new safety requirement and eventually Rick will supply interlocking chairs for all of our recreation centers.

The East Rec Project continues to experience weather related delays. However, after this round of rain, the forecast is mostly clear for the remainder of the month. Nordby is making adjustments to the schedule to reflect rain caused delays and we will have an updated schedule in next week’s ERC e-Blast. Work on the project continues to be within the approved budget.

David Dearden, OVA BCC