East Rec Progress 1/21/2019

Hello rainy Oakmont!

I am back from sunny Hawaii and glad to report the progress that has occurred since David Dearden’s update written on Jan. 14th, 2019.

The tile in the upstairs  bathrooms is progressing nicely.

Troy has finished the framing and channeling for the folding track door between the conference room and the main room. He is demonstrating with his hands the direction the doors will retract.

The new footings for the new steel deck piers are massive. The inspector comes tomorrow to approve the steel rebar and the concrete footings will be poured on Wednesday. Thursday the steel columns and girders for the deck arrive and framing for the deck will begin.

There is a newly discovered additional reason the ventilation in the downstairs bathrooms was so ineffective. If you look at the ductwork interior below that was to carry the moisture out, it is filled with dust and dirt from 35 years of use. If you have ever seen a clogged dryer vent in your house, this is what it looks like. The actual ducts that went to the outside walls were totally clogged, which meant no moisture carried in these ducts could get out.

If you see this pile of removed duct work for the downstairs baths, all of it is incredibly clogged. We will have a whole new duct system and the ventilation will certainly be improved 100%!

Swimmer Melissa Bowers and friend, Elizabeth Robart, also an avid swimmer came to finalize the distance of the permanent backstroke markers that will be put in place when the concrete deck is poured next month. We settled on the distance it was set at before the renovation started. Tom Kendrick, BCC Board Liaison and David Dearden were also at the meeting today, so got into the photo with their attractive hard hats.

Tile installation around the pool has started up again now that the sun is out.

New Ceiling Lights in the downstairs baths are now operational.

The trenches needed in the downstairs floor for relocation of the swimsuit dryers have been covered in concrete again, so new ADA non-slip floor tile can be installed.

The framed opening between the upstairs storage room has been done in a way to create as wide of an opening as possible by having the structural horizontal header be held up by special metal connections, which created 3 inches more door width to pull those new stackable chairs through to the new storage room.

The floor tile in the upstairs baths was started today. You may notice that the bottom piece of wall tile starts with a floor tile. This makes for not only an interesting aesthetic baseboard detail, and cleaning of the floor tile will be easier and not show mop marks. The silver piece you see between the floor and the baseboard tile is called a schluter strip…also for ease of cleaning as well as a clean transition from horizontal to vertical.

These old pieces of wood below came out of the Berger. They are being replaced with wood at least three times thicker. Three of the four corners have the new wood installed already. Steel pieces are being fabricated for the final connections with the new wood and the structural 4 corners of Berger.

The new East Rec chairs….

Well, there was quite a response to the last prior chair sample sent by David last week. It seems chair arms are quite critical for the comfort of our residents, as you quickly let us all know….So the chair selection has been changed to the photo you see below. We have ordered one chair and when it comes, we will invite folks to come sit in it before we order 200! This new chair meets the criteria for fire code, are interlockable, stackable, and commercial grade quality. They cost more but the function of the chair arms seems to be critical to many residents and the reserve study had enough in the chair budget to cover this important change. I appreciate Rick Aubert and Steve Spanier’s quick response to remedy the selection. This chair company also has chairs with boarder seating that some people may need, so we will be ordering some of these to be two inches wider….after we get the approval of the Oakmont “sitters”.

Fyi-the existing East Rec chairs will be recycled to the Berger, where we have some very old metal folding chairs that are being used now that no one prefers to sit in if they can avoid them.