East Rec Progress (1/29/2019)

Hello Oakmonters!

If you want to feel safer in the Berger Auditorium than you did before, take a look at all of these metal clips to a newer much hunkier piece of lumber at all the four corners.
And that’s not all.

These new dark metal threaded bars below  are the holddowns being proposed on the outside to make sure the roof, the wall and structural posts will all be held together in a good shake. (We will take the price tags off before the paint!?)

Today Troy was meeting with the Berger structural engineer and the architect to get approval to adjust the four corner outside connections  to suit field conditions. He is pointing to the multiple connections and explaining the adjustments needed so that the engineer can work out her calculations.

Below are the vertical galvanized metal posts set in place for the new deck.you can also see the new yellowish  “belly band” of wood horizontally with metal flashings as needed to replace the raw exposed sheathing from the deck removal.

Below is the arrival of future irrigation lines (brown rolls) and more ductwork to replace the old that was not working.

New siding with vertical 1 x 4 vertical wood strips are going back to cover an area that had to be opened to add more structural support in the wall for the wider opening of the conference room to the main auditorium of the East Rec.

If you wonder how best to set tile and save your knees at the same time, the best illustration is below. The “horizontal” tiler is putting in the blue tile lanes markers.

The new hot tub is waiting for its finish gunnite (liquid concrete/stucco) now that all the tile is in.
These circular pieces are cutouts from the acoustic tile ceilings where the lights are centered in them.
The expanded pool equipment/storage room addition below is now getting its siding and blue vapor barrier.
Fortunately for the contractors, the East Rec has lots of staging area to put tools, equipment, and new supplies. This wood is being cut outside of the kitchen in the East Rec.
The tilers are cutting their tiles for the upstairs bath with their tile saw sitting in the conference room. Notice the protective vapor barrier paper below the saw, as this is a water saw.
Below is the women’s upstairs bath room tile floor and walls completed.
The white paper covered product below is the new Trex decking and to the right of that is the steel joist system that the Trex manufacturer makes for easier installing of new decks with a nonflammable material.You also see a lot more ducts to be installed.


Now-you have been patiently waiting to see a finished product at the East Rec…and you know we are making progress when we are starting  to realize we have some big empty walls in the East Rec that are crying for some permanent art on the walls.

A jury of 3 judges who are not artists, but have dealt with obtaining art and hanging it artistically in rooms in buildings for decades have been selected to sort through any submissions of suggested art pieces for the East Rec that we receive  by February 5th. Nothing has been selected yet.
We have 5 categories we are looking for and will consider.




STILL LIFE -no sample yet

PORTRAITS -no sample yet

So the Oakmont Art Association Club President, Phil Wilkinson sent out a call out last week to all of their club members to see if any of their Oakmont artist club members wishes to donate an art piece for permanent display at the East Rec interior.

Now we are asking ANY Oakmont  resident who is an artist or owns a piece of art done by an Oakmonter to please send a photo of any art you may wish to be considered and tell us the measurement size of  the art piece, and it will be considered by the art jury of 3 BY THE DEADLINE OF FEB. 5TH! Email it to Phil Wilkinson at docsevo@me.com.

We will give you more info on the projected schedule next week.

I am getting excited now! It is going to be a fabulous place to have events and activities.

Iris F. Harrell

We are still all in this together…2019