East Rec Progress (1/7/2019)

Remember those few days of sun last week? Troy had the piles of dirt compacted on Friday, just before the heavy rains started on Saturday. You can see the tractor marks in the dirt. Also you can see the hot tub grout being installed.

The landscape architect, Lori Cagwin has an excellent eye for color and is in charge of finalizing outside colors. She came up with these three choices. They probably all look the same to you….but oh, they are different. The color has to coordinate (not match)with the color of the building, the coping around the pool, the dark brown bronze of the new deck and look good with the bright blue shade sail and the blue cobalt deco tile.

Lori handled the color choices well and coordinated other issues with Troy, Nordby superintendent and Bob Drew, the landscape installer. Here below the 3 of them are discussing the location and type of sprinklers specified on the plans and which can remain and which need to be replaced.

The irrigation timer box is being examined to count the number of lines it has and where the reconnections need to be made. While this info is usually on the plans, it is always prudent to reconfirm at the actual site.

These wooden stake markers below show where the big, blue shade sail is going to be installed.

Today the new windows in the conference room are being installed.

As promised the water resistant purple sheetrock is turning white with its first cost of mud.

The new LED lights are being installed.

Mudding is going on in the new closet in the conference room where the taper is busily mudding away.

Below you see the new window installation from the outside. Scaffolding is required to safely install from the outside. The white tape you see around the edges is just part of the flashing detail to prevent leaking from rain.

The black circles you see on the upper left window are professional suction cups with handles, which is how glass installers safely lift big pieces of glass.

The blue decorative tiles below are set in the hot tub, both vertically just under the coping and then on the seat area. White gunnite will be the finish application, when concrete is ready to be poured, which is further down in the schedule.

Tile in the upstairs baths starts next week.
The next report will be when I return from Hawaii!
Iris F. Harrell
We are all in this together!